Double U Hound Supplies

Looking for Double U Garmin Alpha/Astro Trade in program?


Are you looking for a Trade in Program for the Garmin astro or Garmin Alpha?

Although Double U does not have an official  Program for Trading in collars, we do purchase Used equipment from our customers.  I'm sure you will find the prices we give for your equipment better than most companies Trade deals.

Prices below are estimates only and can change due to supply and demand.


These are a general Prices For working units,  Depending on the quanity and quality these may be variable.

Prices for DC30  as high as $120

Prices DC40 as high as $120

220 Astro as high as $125

320 Astro As much as $275

Tri Tronics EXP Recievers are 50 dollars

Tri tronics classic 70's EXP are 75 dollars

Trashbreakers EXP are generally 100 dollars


I think if you shop around for Trade in Programs you will find that we pay you more for your equipment compared to other Companies Trade in programs on the Alpha or Astro.

If you would like more information about Double U Purchasing Used collars please contact us.