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Double U Hunting Supply Purple Sweatshirt (Pro Staff)


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Regular Price: $45.95

Best Price: $14.99

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Either way you roll, you need one of these purple hooded Double U Sweatshirts. It’s going to make your life better.

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Regular Price: $45.95

Best Price: $14.99

Double U Hunting Supply Purple Sweatshirt (Pro Staff)

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Here at Double U, we understand it’s always better to ask Forgiveness over Permission. But Trust us, the recovery time of asking forgiveness after your Boatload of Dog Supplies get delivered is cut in half when your women catches a glimpse of this Purple Double U Hooded Sweatshirt peeking out of the box.

This stylish, comfortable and durable Double U Hunting Supply Hoodie is custom designed not just for any occasion but the Occasion, That occasion when “I’m sorry” just isn’t enough We know there are several different approaches to the issue of Ordering Dog Supplies, Here are just a few “Here honey I just spent a few thousand dollars on hunting supplies and look what I got you!” Or there is the Bluff, “Honey I bought this Purple shirt and the good Folks at Double U threw in some other stuff and an unbeatable price.” Rest assured with this Purple Shirt on your Gal, the overwhelming feeling of guilt that comes over you is greatly subsided…

So you’ve got what you need in the shopping cart, what can you do to make this a little less shocking when the credit card statement arrives?… yes…ADD one of these Purple Beauties TO YOUR CART…” Take your time, Trust us, you don’t want to select the wrong size.

Now Ladies, as much as we try there are still those Hound Guys even we can’t help, if you’re one of the many who just really WANT to have this shirt it will keep you warm and looking GOOD. And that is reason enough, For those ladies, We get you too.

You’re a strong, independent woman, you can drive a tractor just as easily as you can a pick up. You roll up the sleeves of your favorite hoodie and get right in the mix to settle down your hounds when they get that critter treed. This isn’t just the sweatshirt that your man throws in with his order to soften the blow. NO, you order this one for yourself along with your 9 dog tracking system. You’ll toss in a shirt for him but only if you’re feeling generous. He’s lucky if you even take him along on your next hunt.

You’re the no nonsense type of woman who’s just as likely to keep spare bullets and a skinning knife in the front pocket as you are to have a pacifier and wet wipes. Heck, sometimes you mix and match. This is the hoodie you wear daily. You’ll wear it grocery shopping one day and fly fishing the next. The dirt and diesel stains to come will only make it that much better. You come home, and toss it next to your boots so you’ll have it waiting on the cold morning hike. Hunter orange? Not for you. Real women wear purple out to the tree.

So pull on this hoodie, toss a sixer in the cooler, roll up your sleeves and get to work. That Lion ain’t gonna chase itself. Either way you roll this, you need one of these purple hooded Double U Sweatshirts. It’s going to make your life better.

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