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Double U Tree Hound Pups


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Double U Tree Hound Pups!

Now with a limited lIfetime Warranty!*

*Warranty does not cover training, veterinary issues, or running trash. Warranty is void if customer runs pups with merchandise not purchased through Double U.

Double U Tree Hound Pups

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4000 dollars for a Puppy you ask?  Well let us explain something.  This game isn't cheap, It's not for the weak of heart,  By now you figured out one thing correctly if you are a Hard Core Double U Customer We understand you are on a mountain side right now with shitty cell phone service checking out what's new in this Hound Game.     You don't play around you want the Best.  Now sure we could sell pups for the same couple hundred dollars that everyone else does,  But your shop at Double U because you want the best.   You don't settle for 1/2 assed fly by the night dealers selling at the Flea market.  When you call our shop you expect us to answer the phone.      


So you have a decision,  Just like me you can keep buying those shit eaters that are catching game for you,  but at the end of the day you might ask yourself.  Is your Hunting collar for that puppy worth more than the puppy?   Well here at Double U we always want to make sure that your pup is worth more than the 1000's of dollars of Equipment we use daily to make magic on the mountain happen.   What better way than to charge you an Arm and A leg for a puppy that we can't truely Guarantee..    (Never mind about the Guarantee you'll read below.. that's just some marketing Bullshit that we have to feed you to sell you a pup at 4,000 dollars).

Anyways,  let's get on with it,  fork over some serious money that you don't have for a dream.

These pups are Guaranteed* to run longer, hunt harder, and tree louder than any other Hounds on the market,  We'll back them with a Limited LifeTime Warranty.   Just let us know what color you want, (now available in Pink)  and we'll get your pup to you in no time flat.

We ship all our puppies UPS Three Day select,  We only use the fiinest of Cardboard boxes, and make sure to put a pillow, and throw some Kibble in the box to insure the pup will be alive and happy to see you when you open the box up.  (P.S. Don't be alarmed when your box shows up without a Fragile Sticker,  Our extensive testing shows that when we put the "Fragile" sticker on our Puppy boxes that the UPS drivers actually end up "kicking the puppy" to your doorstep,  Who would have thought.. Right??)

*Not officially Guaranteed.  Only available on April 1st.

(If you haven't figured it out yet, it's an April Fools Joke... However. Share our facebook post, and comment "I just ordered My Double U PUP" and we'll give away a TT15 collar... and that's no Joke! )

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