Alder Grove Aluminum Dog Box

Alder Grove Aluminum Dog Box

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Alder Grove Aluminum Dog Box


These boxes are built to order so build times may vary. Due to the spike in shipping/transportation cost, all Alder Grove Dog Boxes are temporarily ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP until further notice.


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Quick Overview

Alder Grove Aluminum Dog Boxes are designed, built, and used by houndsmen to safely Transport their dogs while hunting. . We strive to build quality, heavy duty dog boxes made from high grade aluminum that will last a lifetime.   Our Dog boxes are constructed from 1/8" 5052 aluminum. There are no rivets or bolts to wear out over time. All joints are professionally TIG welded.

Because these dog boxes mush be shipped via Friegh services.   Please allow 3 to 5 days handling time.  We try to ship out our frieght deliveries once per week.  Also these are Limited stock numbers on hand, so for most accurate shipping time and to insure that we have your size in stock , please call us to place your order; 855-384-8687

Dog Box Description:

All of our Alder Grove Truck Boxes for  your dogs comes built with our high Standards,  They will have with a Flush mounted door,  Our Boxes come with Tube doors with removable panels to allow more air in the summer months to keep your hounds cool.   Stainless steel locking slam latches, stainless steel door catch as well as a recessed aluminum piano hinge.

Our Truck Dog Boxes are available in two sizes depending on what size truck you have.   For compact trucks and full size trucks, see pictures for measurements between your Fender wells in your pickup bed.  For most compact size trucks you'll want the 40 inch box, and if you have a Full size truck you can use a 48 inch box.

3  6" Boxing, (Rigging)  holes per side allows your hounds to stick out their Heads and Box (also called Rig a track)  a track during cold or wet conditions.  Made in the pacific northwest, these boxes are especially designed for Wet weather to keep dogs happy, warm and dry in these boxes.   We made the top with plenty of overhang to keep the weather out and your bedding material dry and comfortable.   On top of that we made sure to rolled the rear edge to protect your dogs should they bump into the top. .

All hardware is stainless steel.


40"x48" or 48"x48"

Our heavy duty sliding sides are constructed out of .190 (3/16) aluminum. Sides easily adjust, fully open, closed, or any position in between. Includes 2 sides, 4 z-channels with all stainless steel hardware.

Welded internal divider allows you to keep dogs separate in the box during transport (cannot be removed)

Fully TIG welded 1/8” 6061 1x1 tube rigging rack on top.  Comes with 4 tie out tabs welded on the underside of rack to allow you to secure your dogs while rigging.

Our tube doors feature 1/8” 1x1 6061 aluminum construction, TIG welded. Doors allow more air flow, includes doors, aluminum piano hinge, stainless screws/ and stainless locking slam latches.

Please allow 3 to 5 days handling time to ship our boxes. Limited stock on hand, for most accurate shipping time, please call us to place your order; 855-384-8687

If you are looking for a custom box feel free to give us a call at 855-384-8687. If you hunt out of it, we can design a box that will fit securely and properly to ensure the saftey and comfort of your 4 legged friend and hunting partner.  All custom boxes will require a $300 nonrefundable deposit to cover design time and CAD drawings.

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