(MINI) Garmin Alpha 100 with TT15/T5 Mini Tracking Collar

(MINI) Garmin Alpha 100 with TT15/T5 Mini Tracking Collar

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Quick Overview

Garmin introduces the most compact tracking and training collars to date with the Garmin Alpha 100/TT 15 Mini track and train collar combination. This is a great addition to the already stellar Garmin track and train system line-up.

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Quick Overview

You’ll get optimum performance when you combine Garmin’s most advanced handheld tracking and training system with the lightweight and compact collar of the Alpha 100/TT 15 Mini bundle. The newest of Garmin’s track and train products, each of these is designed for ease of use and optimal functionality.

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Features of the Garmin Alpha 100/TT 15 Mini Combo

Smaller Collar: tt15 Size Comparison

Weighing in at only 7.5 ounces, the TT 15 Mini collar is designed for dogs under 50 pounds. Compact and ergonomic, the GPS collar box features rounded edges that reduce wear-and-tear and keep your dogs from hitting legs on the device.

Better Tracking:

The high-sensitivity, top-mounted GPS receiver is now enabled to receive signals from GLONASS satellites. This adds 21 more satellite signals your collar can connect with. Coupled with the 28 satellites currently in the GPS system, these signals will help cut down on dropping satellite connection while hunting in rugged conditions. The Garmin Mini TT 15 track-and-train collar also comes with a more durable and flexible stainless steel aircraft cable antenna cut to 18.5 inches.

Better Training: TT15 and T5 with Alpha 100

The Alpha 100/ TT 15 Mini bundle uses Tri-Tronics technology that includes electronic, tone and vibration stimulation. You’ll have 18 levels of stimulation to choose from, applied either continuously or momentary, allowing you to match your dog’s behavior in any situation.

Bark Detection:

When enabled, you’ll be able to see the rate at which an individual dog is barking right on your Alpha 100 screen. The status of each dog’s bark rate can be displayed on both the map and compass screen. You can also set an alert when your dog barks in excess of the chosen barks per minute (20, 40, 60, or 80). This can be a handy tool when your dogs are out of hearing range and you are trying to determine whether the dogs are trailing or have the critter jumped.

Rescue Mode:

This is an invaluable feature that has become a staple with Garmin tracking collars. When activated, the collar will automatically go into battery conservation mode when it drains below 25 percent of a full charge. This mode automatically changes the update rate to 120 seconds (2 minutes). This allows for additional hours of battery life, which can help you to safely retrieve your valued dog.

Track More Dogs:

The Alpha 100 gives you the ability to track up to 20 dogs and simultaneously correct unwanted behavior.

Keep Track of Friends:

Not only can you track up to 20 dogs, but you can also track other Alpha 100 handhelds. Your new Alpha 100 can communicate with up to 20 units overall, meaning that you can track 18 dogs and 2 Alpha handhelds, 17 dogs and 3 Alphas, or any other combination.

Wireless Dog Transfer:

Never has it been easier for you to link dogs to your handheld. One of three ways to add a dog on the Alpha 100, users can wirelessly transfer a dog from one handheld to another. This comes in handy when the dogs are already gone and on a track.

Change Communication Settings on the Fly:

An exclusive feature of the Garmin Alpha 100 is the ability to change all communication settings on the fly. This includes ID numbers, update rates, and the invaluable rescue mode, which slows the update rate to 120 seconds in order to gain additional hours of battery life in case of an emergency.

Track and Train Codes: menu

With the Astro 100/TT 15 Mini combo, you’ll have the ability to control who can track or train your dogs. When connecting a collar to a buddy’s device, you can either give them a code that will allow the handheld to track and train, or else just track. This means you’ll be able to control who can shock or tone your dog.

Fast Collar Strap Changes:

Modeled after the Garmin Alpha TT 10 and Astro DC 50, collar straps on the Garmin TT 15 Mini easily slide right through the channels on the collar box, making strap swaps easier than ever before. All ¾-inch collar straps will fit the TT 15 Minis. Pick from any one of Double U’s different colors!

Improved Charging Port:

The charging port on your TT 15 Mini allows 3 different charging options: AC outlet, a vehicle charging port, and the USB port on a computer. This is especially handy when it’s time to run a software update on your collar. All you have to do is attach the charging clip, plug your TT 15 Mini into your computer, and run Garmin WebUpdater.

Adjustable Dog Type:

Using the updated Alpha 100 or Astro 320, you can change the status of each individual to best reflect what they are doing. Your options are pointing, treeing, auto, none. This lets your Alpha or Astro know that when your dog is sitting idle, he or she could be on point or have game treed.

Antenna Sleeve:

With the Garmin TT 15 Mini, you’ll never again have to use zip ties or tape to secure an antenna. The new TT 15 Mini comes with a thick, durable rubber sleeve that keeps the VHF antenna erect and receiving communication signals. Along with the rest of the collar, it is extremely durable and easy to clean.

Camera Control:

When linked to the Alpha 100, the TT 15 Mini is capable of controlling the Garmin VIRB camera. This allows you to see what your dog sees in the field.

For additional information about the TT 15 Mini collar, please read our Garmin TT 15 Mini collar review.

TT15 on Beagle

NOTE: Like its larger counterpart, the TT 15 Mini can be tracked either on the Garmin Alpha 100 or the Garmin Astro 320 but not at the same time. If you already own an Alpha 100 or Astro 320 and want to track the TT 15 Mini, be sure to update your handheld software by downloading the Garmin WebUpdater on your computer or tablet.

Purchase the Garmin Alpha 100/TT 15 Mini combo and know you’re using some of the best in the business.

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