Locking Antenna Holding Clips

Locking Antenna Holding Clips

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Elevate your hunting efficiency with our specially designed Garmin GPS Antenna Clips for Garmin GPS Tracking collars. These clips come as a pairs to provide a dual-locking system, ensuring your GPS VHF cable antenna is doubly secured and not able to easily unsnap. When used together, they create a formidable hold that prevents the antenna from snapping out of place, even in the thick of the brush during a hunt. This means you can track your dog’s movements with unwavering accuracy, no matter how intense the chase becomes. Sturdy, yet lightweight, they won’t weigh your hunting companion down. Deploy these clips for to keep your antenna in place above the dogs neck for best performance and best tracking distance.

These Antenna Clips fit 1 inch and 3/4 inch collar straps both Reflective and Non-reflective colors.

They can be used on TT25, T20, TT15,TT15X, T5, TT10, DC50 and DC40 collars.

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