Dr. Naylor Blue Kote (4oz Dauber)

Dr. Naylor Blue Kote (4oz Dauber)

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Quick Overview

A protective antiseptic wound dressing for ringworm, surface wounds, cuts, pad sores, and galls on horses and dogs.

Quick Overview

Blue Kote contains, Sodium Propionate, Gentian Violet, Acriflavine, in a special base of Water, Urea, Glycerine, Isopropyl Alcohol 47% By Volume.

Blue Kote is a fast drying antiseptic and fungicidal liquid for surface wounds, abrasions and ringworm.

With handy dauber applicator. Treats fungus infections, surface wounds, cuts, galls, chafes, abrasions, moist lesions, itchy fungus, eczema and sores.

Keep a wound Clean and dry by quick application of Blue Kote to the affected area.

In case of serious burns or deep wounds, consult a veterinarian.

Blue Kote is also  available in a 5oz. spray can.

This is a must have for any serious Dog hunter to quickly cover up a wound while out in the field.

Real Experiences from Real Hunters:

While hunting last year deep in the wilderness, I went to turn loose a dog from my dog box.  Almost perfectly timed, a passenger opened the rear door as my dog ran around the truck door to get in front of the truck. The door struck my dog in the back and it removed a huge chunk of skin off my hounds back. Needless to say, he was not happy about it.  By using Blue Kote, I was able to quickly cover up the wound to prevent it from getting infected. Now I could let him relax in the dog box without fear of getting ceder shavings in the wound to cause irritation or an infection.    Had I not had Blue Kote in my supply kit, I would have either needed to head back to town, and try and figure out how to get him in the dog box without further harm or cause infection in the wound. I would definitely recommend having a can of Blue Kote in your truck if you spend time in the woods with dogs. --Buddy W

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