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Food & Water Bowls

First Aid & Care


No Bark Collars Heating and Cooling

No Bark Collars

Heating & Cooling

  Owning a dog comes with some great responsibility. Your new companion relies on you to give him the care he deserves. This includes adequate shelter, daily activity, fresh water, and quality food.

 Double U is proud to carry a variety of dog supplies to help you care for your dog. This includes hunting dog supplies to keep your hunting companion engaged in the field, as well as food and water bowls, wireless containment systems, joint supplements, first aid kits, and heating and cooling devices for the dog house back home.

 We also offer some of the best training gear for your dog. For hunters, we have our own in-house training scents, as well as scent products by National Scent Company, Pete Rickards, and Grawes. Our selection of hunting dog supplies and training gear is complete with dog boxes and even dummies and launchers. We also have no-bark collars and collapsible dog crates.

 View all of our dog supplies below and rest assured that with these products you’ll be providing your dog with the great care he deserves.

Kennel Supplies

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