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Training a dog is hard work, whether it’s your beloved household pet or an energetic hunting dog. The good news is that a GPS dog training collar from Double U shortens the training process considerably.

Does your dog bark too much, have a tendency not to come when you call, or quickly lose interest during training? With our e-collar, you can correct unwanted behavior in a gentle manner. Unlike shock collars that deliver an uncomfortable jolt to your dog, our e-collars deliver a stimulating touch to the neck that mimics the touch of a mother. Once you have regained your dog’s attention, you can redirect the undesirable behavior to what you’re trying to teach instead.

In addition to a stimulating sensation, you can also set training dog collars from Double U to send a tone or vibration to your dog. With patience and persistence, he or she will learn what to do to avoid correction and behave in the way that you expect. We encourage you to offer your dog lots of praise and an occasional reward early in the process to keep him or her motivated to please you.

All dogs need training, whether it’s to learn to come when called or to refrain from barking. With just a little time invested in training and with the help of a dog training collar it won’t be long before you’ll start getting the results you want to see. Double U has a variety of GPS training dog collars and our staff is familiar with each. Shop below or contact us with any additional questions you may have about these products.

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Double U is the #1 source for Garmin Hound Hunting GPS and Training Equipment. Whether you hunt Bear, Bobcat, Cougar, Hogs, Rabbit, or Foxes, Double U has the Garmin Tri Tronics products that are right for you.

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