Double U Referal Bonus

Earn referral discounts and enter to win prizes

We understand that our customers are the reason for our success. When I ask a new customer how they heard about us, it’s often through a referral from an existing customer. We are very grateful for these referrals, and feel we should reward customers who recommend us to prospective new customers.

To show our appreciation, we will give referral discounts to customers who help promote our business, and enter their names into prize raffles. Every month we will draw a name from our referral list, and if we can verify that the person did in fact refer us, they will win the raffle prize. Here are a few ways to earn discounts and enter our monthly raffles:

    • If you visit or post comments on websites and hunting forums, post a link to
    • If you have a kennel or website with a links page, post a link for
    • Refer us by posting our web address on Facebook.
    • Phone/Email referrals of customers who order.


If you have referred someone or posted a link on a website, fill out the form below so we can verify it and make you eligible for discounts and prizes.

Double U Referral Entry Form. 


****Please note: we are not looking for people to spam websites. We’re only looking for honest referrals you are comfortable giving.  Just put in your two cents here and there when the right opportunity exists. Thanks!