WeBoost ELECTRONICS (3G) Cell Phone Booster

WeBoost ELECTRONICS (3G) Cell Phone Booster

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Cell Phone Booster.

Quick Overview

Buddy's Notes:   I will admit, I was a bit skeptical about this product,  I had them send me one to try out first before I put this on my site.  I can tell you from personal experience that it does in fact work.  The last week of cat season me and my wife Laura went Camping and hunting.  At our camp location, service was extremely spotty and most of the time I had No Bars of signal.  Using this product I was able to make calls, and even download all my emails to my laptop to check in with our customers.  I can say for someone who spends time in the woods and needs to use their cell phone. This is a nice product to have. 

The WeBoost Electronics Sleek® cell phone signal booster improves coverage – including 3G and 2G data downloads - for subscribers of all North American cellular networks. For specific information about frequency bands, see the specs tab above.

The WeBoost plug-and-play Sleek helps users reduce dropped calls, increase data rates in weak signal areas and originate calls from those dreaded “dead spots.” The Sleek and its outside antenna increases any phone’s output power to the cell tower while improving its ability to detect signals it normally would not, keeping the user more reliably connected. Designed for simple set up, the Sleek can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle. 

Built into the Sleek cradle is a WeBoost tried and tested bi-directional signal booster and battery charging port. The cradle is ideal for hands free operation in conjunction with a user’s hands free headset or Bluetooth device. The Sleek has an MSRP of $119.99

(Product # 470106 - formerly 460106)


This cradle booster extends signal range and increases data rates while reducing dropped calls and features adjustable arms for fitting most mobile phones. The built-in port allows for easy battery charging.

What's Included

  • WeBoost Electronics Sleek Mobile Phone Signal Cradle Booster for Most Mobile Phones
  • Amplifier/charger
  • Mini magnet-mount antenna, DC power adapter
  • Owner's manual

Product Features

  • Compatible with most mobile phones
    For wide-ranging compatibility. Includes adjustable arms for an ideal fit.
  • Extends signal range and increases data rates
    For clear sound. Also reduces dropped calls and receives weak signals.
  • Built-in amplifier
    Boosts signals to and from your phone and enables your phone to work at reduced power for extended battery life.
  • Built-in battery port
    For easy charging.




WeBoost Sleek™ Frequently Asked Questions

Product FAQ's

1. With which cell phone carriers is the WeBoost Sleek compatible?
WeBoost Sleek works with all major North American cellular providers on the 850 & 1900 MHz frequencies.

2. Does the WeBoost Sleek cradle fit any phone?
Yes, the Sleek features adjustable arms that allow it to fit virtually any phone on the market. The arms on the slide have three different channels on each side of the cradle. Simply slide the arms into a different channel to accommodate the size of your phone.

3. Will WeBoost Sleek work for mobile wireless hotspot products, such as a Mi-Fi and data card?
The Sleek is compatible with any cellular device; however, the device needs to be placed inside the cradle to improve signal strength. The Sleek boosts voice and data services for all major North American cellular providers on the 850 & 1900 MHz frequencies. Two popular data devices that can be used with the WeBoost Sleek are the Novatel mifi and data card offered by many cellular providers.

4. Does the WeBoost Sleek amplify signal for both voice and data services?
Yes, the Sleek does boost signal for both voice and data services. The Sleek is compatible with virtually any data service on the 850 and 1900 MHz networks.

5. How does the WeBoost Sleek improve my cellular service?
The Sleek eliminates the frustration of dropped calls, limited range and slow data rates by amplifying the signal coming from the cell tower to your phone, and then amplifying the signal from your phone and transmitting it back to the cell tower. It is expertly engineered to detect and amplify even a very weak incoming signal your cellular device would miss, and simultaneously broadcasting a much stronger signal back to the cell tower.

6. Do I need to leave my phone in the cradle of the WeBoost Sleek?
Yes, the Sleek is designed to boost signal only for the phone that is inside the cradle. If you remove your phone from the cradle, you will not see any signal improvement.

7. Can I charge my phone with the WeBoost Sleek?
Yes, the Sleek features a mini-USB port on the side of the booster that may be used for charging your phone. An adapter cable is required to connect your phone to the Sleek.

8. What components are included with my Sleek?
The Sleek signal booster kit includes the following items: Sleek cradle booster, mini-magnet mount antenna, vehicle power adapter, adhesive dash mount, additional cradle arms, and installation guide.

9. How do you install the Sleek?
Installation is easy and takes only minutes. Installation requires no special tools. First, mount the WeBoost Sleek in your car with the adhesive dash mount and plug in the power adapter. Then, place magnet-mounted antenna to the top of your vehicle and connect the antenna cable to your Sleek through the inside of the door jam.

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