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Extended Life Replacement Battery for Garmin Dc30 and Dc40


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Attention: The Use of These Batteries in Garmin Astro DC30/40 Tracking Collars WILL Void Your Collars Warranty.

Enjoy 40% longer battery life with the Extended Life Replacement Battery for Garmin Dc30 and Dc40

Garmin Dc40 Runtie in Hours

Extended Life Replacement Battery for Garmin Dc30 and Dc40

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For the longest time hunters have been looking for longer battery life in their Garmin Dc30 and Garmin Dc40. Well the answer is here, the extended life Garmin Dc30 and Garmin Dc40 battery allows you a longer run time between charges, keeping your dogs in the field for longer periods of time which in turn increases your chance of success.

These longer lasting lithium ion batteries are becoming a necessity for the serious hunter who demands top performance from their equipment. With 40% longer battery life, the Collar Works ExC234 provides just that, PERFOMANCE!

The extended life Garmin DC30 and Garmin DC40 Battery utilizes a re-chargeable 3350mAhr 12.1Wh 3.6V premium lithium ion battery cell which makes it the longest lasting Garmin tracking collar battery on the market. It has the same physical features and dimensions as the factory Garmin battery so it installs exactly the same way as the factory batteries.

Swapping your factory battery for the extended life battery for the Garmin Dc30 and Garmin Dc40

1: Using a Phillips screwdriver remove the two screws and back plate and collar.

2: Garmin DC30 only Carefully unplug the GPS antenna, use small pliers or fingers and pull directly up. (do not pull or twist GPS antenna wire)

3: Using a small Phillips screwdriver remove all small screws from around the back of the collar box and remove. Carefully unplug battery from board and   charging wires, do not pull on wires. (please note how the battery is set in bottom of collar box, you will need to place new battery in same position)

4: Using small Phillips screwdriver remove the plate holding battery in place and remove battery.

5: Place extended life Garmin tracking collar battery in collar box in same position as the old battery. (wired end on same end as power button)

6: Re-attach plate over extended life battery.

7: Connect battery plugs to collar.

8: Ensure proper connection by pressing the white power button on circuit board.

9: Re-attach back of collar box and use small Phillips screwdriver to screw it back together (make sure all black screws are screwed down to avoid water leakage)

10: Re-attach collar and back plate.

11: Fully charge your Garmin Dc30 or Garmin Dc40 tracking collar before use.

12: Enjoy 40% longer battery life!

Getting the most out of your extended life Garmin Dc30 and Garmin Dc40 batteries.

If your extended life battery goes dead, always recharge it to a full charge.

After an extended time of non-use, always recharge your battery before use

Try to re-charge your extended life battery at room temp.

Never store your Garmin Dc30 or Dc40 Tracking collar with a drained battery. Doing so could damage the battery and long lasting capabilities.

Exposing your Garmin Dc30 or Dc40 to high temperatures for an extended period of time can effect the overall lifespan of your extended life battery (always try to store your long lasting battery in room temp)

Temperature is one of the most important factors in how long your extended life battery will last during daily use. Higher temperatures outside gives you a longer lifespan between charges, while colder temps will cause shorter lifespan between charges.

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