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Garmin BarkLimiter™ 2


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Quick Overview

Quick Features of the BarkLimiter 2:

  • Smart Phone Compatible  (Download Free Garmin Canine App)

  • Multiple Stim options (Tone, Vibrate, Stim)

  • Autorise Feature- Automatically raises the stim when continued barking occurs

  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

  • 30 Day battery life

Garmin Barklimiter 2

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  • Garmin Barklimiter 2
  • Garmin Barklimiter 2
  • Garmin Barklimiter 2
  • Garmin Barklimiter 2
  • Garmin Bark collar 2
  • Garmin Bark limiter 2


Garmin Introduces the latest Bark Limiting collar for dogs.   The BarkLimiter 2 has powerful bark correcting options that the user can change and control.   Allowing for Tone, Vibrate, and Autorise stimulations, as well as many other industry leading features.   

  • Smart Phone Compatible  (Download Free Garmin Canine App)

  • Multiple Stim options (Tone, Vibrate, Stim)

  • Autorise Feature- Automatically raises the stim when continued barking occurs

  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

  • 30 Day battery life

  • Replaceable Plastic Contact Points 

BarkLimiter 2:   Easy to setup and use

First you can use it out of the box with a simple press of a button to select which correction you wish. (Tone, Vibrate, Auto Rise Stim).  Put the collar on the dog and it’s that easy!

For those that would like to unlock its powerful features, pair the bark collar with a Smart Phone. Simply download the “Garmin Canine App” on Google Play, or Apple’s APP store and pair the barking collar via Bluetooth.   This allows you to customize and change settings and the ability to review Barking Data.   It’s very easy to use.

Features accessible Through the Smartphone APP

- Turn on/Off the Bark correction without touching the dog or collar
- Change all the settings Wireless 
- Check battery life of the collar
- Set the correction, or combine the corrections given, (For example Tone and Stim at the same time)
- Review Bark Data, Time of the barking, How many barks, and if a correction was given
- Easily update software on the collar wirelessly through the app

 Powerful Bark Data:

One of our favorite features for the Bark Limiter 2, which allows the user to customize how and when the collar will correct Barking.  Sometimes different dogs need different corrections.   The ability to review the bark data from your phone allows you to see if the correction is working, or if you should change your settings.  One cool feature is to set the correction to level 0.   This allows you to collect data on your dog and learn when and how long your dog is barking while away, especially for puppy’s and softer dogs who might require more understanding to learn what is causing the barking before learning how to correct unwanted barking.  

Every dog is Different!  BarkLimiter 2 Allows you to tackle your dogs the way that works best.

   Example, you can allow a certain number of safe barks before sending a correction to make sure that any false barks or certain situations are not immediately corrected, at the same time stopping continued or nuisance barking would still be corrected.  With this new Bark Limiter 2 there are several creative ways to tackle how and when you correct your problem barking!

New Plastic Contact points, More Comfortable for your dog.

Another feature for the BarkLimiter 2 is the plastic Conductive contact points, Designed for long term use,   These new Contact points still give the correction however they are much more comfortable and better for your dog’s skin over longer periods of time.

Information below from Garmin's Website:

Help Bring Your Dog’s Unwanted Barking Under Control

Works right out of the box to help deter nuisance barking — with up to 30-day life on rechargeable battery¹
Choose the correction setting or combination that’s right for your dog — tone and vibration or 10 stim levels; fixed correction or Autorise adjusting level optimization
Slim, convenient form factor features comfortable plastic contacts in long and short sizes to accommodate thick or short coats
Works with the Garmin Canine™ app on your smartphone² to let you adjust settings and review bark correction data
Use with the included black strap, or easily snap onto your dog’s existing collar (up to 1” wide and up to 0.12” thick)

Sure, you love your dog. But that frequent, noisy barking? Not so much. That’s why Garmin developed BarkLimiter 2. This bark correction device uses accelerometer-based bark identification to distinguish between repetitive barking and other sounds. Then it corrects bad barking behavior with on-collar tone and vibration or 10 safe stim levels.

Keep the Peace with Your Pet

The slim, lightweight BarkLimiter 2 device attaches comfortably to your dog’s collar and senses throat vibrations to virtually eliminate false corrections from external noises such as the barking of other dogs nearby. The unit’s selectable long or short plastic contact points adapt the device to work on all dog breeds and coat thicknesses. Plus, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery keeps the power coming — and the on-collar corrections working — for weeks at a time.

Autorise Technology

As the responsible pet parent in your family, you want to modify your dog’s bad barking behavior without overcorrecting. BarkLimiter 2 offers advanced Autorise technology to optimize the corrections your dog receives. Autorise starts at the lowest correction level and gradually adjusts to a level to stop unwanted barking without rising further. This gives you immediate relief from nuisance barking. Right out of the box, BarkLimiter 2 lets you select tone, vibration or gentle Autorise stim corrections — so you can quickly and easily choose the prompts that work most effectively for your dog. For your own visual reference, a status LED light on the device indicates battery life, bark detection and correction.

Control with Your Smartphone

For even more capability, BarkLimiter 2 works with the free Garmin Canine app on your compatible smartphone or tablet². Use the app to set up your BarkLimiter 2 device and enable your phone or tablet to serve as a wireless handheld component for your system. The app lets you remotely adjust settings and select automatic or manual stim levels. Plus, you can also review bark history data to see what times of day your dog tends to trigger corrections.

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