Replacement Battery for Garmin DC50

Replacement Battery for Garmin DC50

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Quick Overview

Lithium Ion Replacement Battery for Garmin DC50

Need a charge? Use this as a replacement battery or spare for your DC 50 dog tracking collar.


Quick Overview

 Replacement Battery for Garmin DC50

**This is a replacement lithium ion battery for the Garmin Dc50 tracking collar, below are instructions for replaceing your dc50 battery at home.

Changing the Battery in a DC50 Collar

1: Using a Phillips screwdriver remove the two screws and back plate and collar.

2: Using a small Phillips screwdriver remove all small screws from around the back of the collar box and remove.Carefully unplug battery from board and   charging wires, do not pull on wires .(please note how the battery is set in bottom of collar box, you will need to place new battery in same position)

3: Using small Phillips screwdriver remove the plate holding battery in place and remove battery.

4: Place new battery in collar box in same position as the old battery. (wired end on same end as power button)

5: Re-attach plate over battery.

6: Connect battery plugs to collar.

7: Ensure proper connection by pressing the white power button on circuit board.

8: Re-attach back of collar box and use small Phillips screwdriver to screw it back together (make sure all black screws are screwed down to avoid water leakage)

9: Re-attach collar and back plate.

10: Fully charge your dc50 collar before use.


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