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(MINI) Garmin T5 Mini GPS Tracking Collar (GPS TRACKING COLLAR)


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The Garmin Mini T5 GPS tracking collar will work with either a Astro 320, or Alpha 100. The T5 Mini is the first GPS collar designed to fit smaller dogs.

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(MINI) Garmin T5 Mini GPS Tracking Collar (GPS TRACKING COLLAR)

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Garmin Mini T5 Tracking Collar for Astro 320 or Alpha 100

T5 Mini Collar

Click Read Our Full Review of the T5 mini Collar 

T5 Mini on beagle

Overview: Garmin T5 MINI Tracking Collar, Sometimes Referred to as the Garmin Astro MINI T5 collar.

Don't be fooled by the smaller more ergonomic size of the T5 Mini GPS tracking collar.This collar has all the features and capabilities of it's big brother the T5 as well as one added feature.The new feature is known as "Sleep Mode". The only real sacrifice Garmin made in creating a smaller, lighter collar was battery size. Ultimately, this translates to shorter battery life, but with the new "Sleep Mode" option coupled with Rescue Mode, your day afield will continue to be worry free. This new offering from Garmin will be just right for those small dog hunters and for those big game guys who would like to have a GPS collar on their puppies while in the field.  The T5 Mini will also be legal to use in most competitions just like the full size T5.


Garmin T5 MINI Collar Features:

T5 Mini charging

  • Smaller Size: The Mini T5 GPS Collar is designed for dogs 15-50lbs
    • ¾” Strap fits neck sizes 9.5-14”
    • Lighter Weight: T5 Mini Collar only weighs 7 oz.
  • Collar Sleep Mode: (When linked to Alpha 100) Allows collar to be put in a power save mode when dog is not on the hunt.
  • RESCUE MODE:  Initiates a battery conservation mode on the Mini T5 tracking collar after reaching 25%  of the batteries remaining charge
  • Great GPS Signal: Top mounted, highly sensitive GPS antenna also equipped with GLONASS
  • Compatibility: Can be used on either the Alpha 100 or Astro 320 (Not at the same time)
  • LED Lights: Remotely operated LED beacon lights can be controlled via handheld
  • STRONG, DURABLE ANTENNA: 18 1/2” steel cable antenna
  • EASY TOOL LESS STRAP REPLACEMENT: Double U Hunting Supply has many colors to choose from.
  • WATER RESISTANT: up to 10 meters
  • Virb Control: When paired with the Alpha 100 the MINI T5 can be used to control your VIRB action camera from long distances.
  • Competition Use: No Bark Detection or Training Features with the MINI T5 GPS Collar to comply with competition rules.


Key Features of the Garmin Astro / Alpha MINI T5 Tracking GPS Collar

T5 and T5 Mini Size comparisonBuilt for Small Dogs: The Mini T5 tracking collar was designed with the 15-50lb dog in mind. It weighs just 7oz. and the ¾” thick collar strap can accommodate necks measuring 9.5-14 inches . This will be a game changer for those small dog hunters who are having fitting issues with the larger size GPS collars.

Sleep ModeSleep Mode: When the T5 Mini GPS collar is put into Sleep Mode, transmition from the collar to the handheld device will cease allowing the collar to conserve battery life. While the Garmin Mini T5 collar is in sleep mode, it will still be in connection with satellites, allowing it to immediately resume tracking when the tracking collar is woken up. This feature will be very handy when dogs are in or on the box while traveling from point A to point B while simultaneously conserving valuable battery life.

Reliable GPS Dog Tracking: The Mini T5 collar is yet another collar in Garmin’s line up that is equipped with GLONASS. GLONASS offers the T5 Mini a whole other set of satellites than GPS to run off of, effectively cutting the chance of losing satellite communication in half.  

Rescue Mode: Another way to conserve battery life with your Mini T5  GPS collar is to manually turn on Rescue Mode from either your Garmin Alpha 100 or Astro 320. What Rescue Mode does is turn your update rate down to 2 minute updates when the existing battery drops down to only 25%. Hopefully allowing you time to recover your dog from the field.

Durable Antenna:  The Garmin Mini T5 GPS Tracking Collar comes standard with a 18 ½ “ braided steel antenna.

Quick Change Collar Strap: The Garmin T5 MINI uses a ¾” wide D-Ring collar strap available in many different color options offered by Double U Hunting Supply. It is quick and easy to switch out collar straps with no tools needed.  Just slide your favorite colored collar straps through the integral channels on the Garmin MINI T5.

Private PIN Lock: While linked to an Astro 320 users can choose a 4 digit code for each MINI T5 tracking collar. This code must be entered before someone else can track that T5 MINI collar. It may not seem crucial during a normal day to day hunt but could prove priceless while competition hunting, hunting with or around large hunting groups or in the presence of someone with ill intent. When linked to the Alpha 100 it utilizes the same track and train code feature as the other Alpha compatible devices.

Protective Antenna Sleeve: The Garmin Astro MINI T5’s antenna sleeve protects your antenna from wear and tear but also keeps it erect and receiving satellite signals. This thick rubber sleeve will have you saying good-bye to zip ties and electrical tape and hello to an easy to clean, durable antenna that stays upright without all the trouble.

T5 and TT15 with Alpha

Mix and Match

When the T5 MINI is linked to the Garmin Astro 320 you can track up to 10 Astro tracking collars including; the Garmin MINI T5, Standard T5, Mini TT15, Standard TT15, DC30, DC40 or the DC50s combined.
When the T5 MINI is paired with the Garmin Alpha 100 you can track up to 20 Alpha collars including the MINI T5, Mini TT15 Standard T5, Standard TT15, TT10s combined.





Product Review Summary: Garmin Astro T5 MINI Tracking Collar

Below is a summarized Review of the MINI T5, Click the link below if you would like to read our full comprehensive Review

(Full Astro T5 MINI collar Review)



Secure Dog Tracking Option for the Garmin T5 MINI Track Collar / PIN Locks

There are times you might not want other people in the field to track your dogs.

Garmin Astro Mode with MINI T5: When used with the Astro 320 you can utilize the PIN Lock. With it, you keep others from seeing your dog on their handheld. How it works is you assign a 4 digit code to each dog’s Garmin GPS tracking collar. In order for someone else to view your dog, they must first enter that dog’s code. If your hunting partner wants to track one of your dogs you can simply give them the code.

Garmin Alpha Mode with the T5 MINI: 

TRACK CODE: When used with the Alpha 100 the MINI T5 Tracking collar automatically utilizes the 6 digit built in track code.  When you want to allow your buddy to track your dog you can give them the track code and they will only be able to track your dog wearing the T5 MINI dog tracking collar.  


What’s in the Box for the Astro MINI T5 collar?

Garmin Astro / Alpha T5 MINI Track Only Collar Mounted

Garmin MINI T5 Vehicle Charger

Garmin T5 MINI Home Charger

Garmin MINI T5 Pigtail Charging Clip

Garmin Astro T5 MINI Quick Reference Guide Owner’s Manual

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