Garmin TT25 Track and Train Collar

Garmin TT25 Track and Train Collar

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Track and train your pack with the Alpha® TT 25 GPS dog collar. The rugged yet slim housing is designed to fit a range of breeds and features a user-replaceable flex band. When used with a Garmin Alpha Handheld (sold separately), you can track and Train your dog with several miles of distance.  

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Garmin TT25 Track and Train Collar
Garmin TT25 Track and Train Collar



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    Quick Overview

    Garmin Alpha TT25 GPS Track and Train Collar Product video:

    Check out the Double U Podcast for long format and in-depth discussion on the Garmin Alpha 300 and TT25 collars: Podcast about Garmin Alpha 300 and TT25

    New Feature Garmin TT25/T20 Dynamic Update Rate

    A new update rate option is a dynamic update rate, a feature designed to help conserve battery life. By adjusting the update rate based on your dog's speed and movement, the GPS tracking collar uses power more efficiently, allowing for longer battery life on a single charge.   If a Dog is not moving or is in the same situation there is little need to send the same update every 2.5 seconds, Only After the information changes will the collar use its battery to send out the new information.  If hunters do not like this setting, they can still use the standard 2.5,5-,10-, 30- and 2-minute update rates as before.    We have found that the dynamic update rate is very helpful, It gives me longer battery life by conserving when the information is the same, However it’s more accurate tracking when the dogs are moving.

    Alpha 300 Beacon light New Feature Garmin TT25/T20 Multi-Colored Beacon lights

    Discover the versatility of our new multicolor LED lights located on the sides of the gps tracking collar, designed to make it easy for hunters and pet owners to keep track of their dogs in the dark. With the TT25 you now have the ability to switch tracer lights between Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta and white.  This allows you to maximize your hound/dog visibility or you can match/differentiate your different dogs so you can easily tell where each of your dogs are at night.

    Garmin TT25 Beacon Lights


    New Feature Garmin TT25/T20 Beacon light Location

    The location of the Beacon lights were moved to the corner of the GPS collar, This greatly improves the safety of the dog when crossing roads or navigating through the wilderness.  With the lights placed on the corners of collars, your dog is more visible to drivers and easier to track from various angles.  For example, if the dog is walking across a Road the lights will be more visible to the driver compared to a TT15 or TT15 mini where the lights are only visible directly in front of the dog or when the dog is walking directly toward you.  Compared to the previous Garmin collars the visibility and function of these lights are awesome!


    New Feature Garmin TT25/T20:   Long Battery life

    Experience the convenience of long-lasting battery life with The Garmin TT25. Equipped with a standard battery, it delivers an impressive 68 hours of dynamic tracking, outperforming the Garmin TT15 Mini GPS Tracking and training collar. However, it falls short of the TT15X's battery life. But don’t worry! If you need the longer battery life you can upgrade to the optional extended life battery (sold separately), and enjoy up to 138 hours of tracking with dynamic tracking, matching the battery life of The TT15X.

    TT25 Collar WifiNew Feature TT25:   Wi-Fi Compatible Collars

    Experience seamless Update the TT25/TT20 GPS tracking collars with Wi-Fi.  Previously you would need a computer and internet connection connecting to the collar with the clip, now with the TT25 once you connect to your Wi-Fi it will automatically update software directly through Wi-Fi, ensuring you always enjoy the latest software fixes enhancements while the collar is charging.   (Note: that the collar will need to be connected to the charger for 25 minutes before it will pull and install the new software).



    New Feature TT25:   Ability to replace the GPS parts of the collar either when broken or with different sizes.

    Replacing the GPS antenna on the TT25/T20 collar is simple, you just need to remove and replace two-Philips screws that hold the GPS antenna in place. Users may want to replace a broken antenna, or easily switch between differentGarmin Alpha TT25 replacement parts size antennas to accommodate a small or large dog. Additionally, a more Rugged version is available for those needing more durability like Hog Hunters. Currently, the Small Dog and Rugged antennas are sold separately, providing you with the flexibility to customize your collar according to your needs and preferences.   The new and improved connection uses a Pogo pin style connector, so it’s almost impossible to damage them when swapping GPS antennas.  Fun Garmin GPS Product History Fact! If anyone remembers replacing the collars and the connector on the Garmin DC30 GPS Antenna connector, You know exactly the hassle we are talking about and why this is so important!  We were really pleased with how Garmin made these types of Connections easy with less chances of installing wrong or worse breaking things!

    Small changes on the Garmin TT25/T20:

    Another subtle yet significant improvement by enlarging the gap where the collar slides through. For those who have experienced the difficulty of switching straps on Mini and Full-size collars, this enhancement offers a more user-friendly design. With these improved collars, you'll find it much easier to replace the straps, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

    Garmin TT25 collar The housing uses Rounded Edges like the Mini Collar.

    A thoughtfully designed battery housing features rounded edges much like the TT15 Mini Collars, ensuring ultimate comfort for dogs with short legs, such as small-sized beagles. The smooth contours of the housing prevent any discomfort or injury, making it the ideal choice for pet owners who prioritize the well-being of their furry friends. With this collar, even the smallest of beagles can enjoy a secure and comfortable fit.

    Replacing the Battery: (Optional Extended Life Battery)

    Swapping out batteries, even the optional extended life ones, is a total breeze with this updated design! Gone are the days of the hassle with the earlier TT15 collars, where you had to disconnect a small white battery connector and risk damaging the wires.  Now, just undo the six simple screws around the edge and let the alignment guides help guide the connector.   But here's a personal tip from Buddy: make sure to check that the gasket is in place when changing the batteries. We almost didn't notice that the original gasket stayed on the board when we swapped ours, and so we nearly ended up stacking two gasket seals when installing our Extended Life batteries. So just keep an eye on that to avoid any mishaps.  With this fresh approach, changing batteries with the TT25/T20 is a much better experience than all the previous Garmin Collars.


    The TT25/T20 has all the Same Features as the TT15X and TT15 Mini

    1. GPS/GLONASS tracking: The TT25 collar uses both GPS and GLONASS satellite systems, providing accurate and reliable tracking even in challenging environments.
    2. Training functionality (Only TT25): The collar allows for 18 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation, as well as audible tone and vibration options, giving you the flexibility to train your dog using the method that works best for both of you.
    3. Long-range tracking: The TT25 collar is capable of tracking the same distance as the TT15X
    4. Waterproof design: With a water rating of 1 ATM (10 meters), the collar is built to withstand water exposure, ensuring durability during your outdoor adventures.
    5. Bark detection: The collar features a built-in bark sensor that can be configured to send notifications to your handheld device when your dog barks,
    6. Replaceable collar straps: The TT25 collar comes with interchangeable straps, allowing you to customize the look of the collar or replace worn straps with ease.
    7. Compatibility: The Garmin TT25 collar is compatible with all the current handhelds Garmin Alpha 10, 100, 200, 200i, 300, 300i, 550+ and Astro 430 handheld devices, enabling you to track and train multiple dogs simultaneously.
    8. Rescue mode: In case the battery level drops below a certain threshold, the collar automatically switches to rescue mode, prolonging battery life by reducing the update rate and giving you more time to locate your dog.
    9. Collar sleep mode: This feature allows you to remotely put the collar to sleep when not in use, conserving battery life.
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