GPS Collar Cover

GPS Collar Cover

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Garmin DC30/DC40 GPS Protective Collar Covers

Help protect your investment with GPS collar covers.


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Quick Overview

GPS Collar Cover for your Garmin Tracking Collars 

Garmin GPS Collar Cover, Protects your DC30 or DC40 collar from the Harsh Abuse of  Big Game hunting.   These covers are 100% re-useable and are constructed with the same High Density Material used to make cutting boards in your kitchen.  They are designed especially for Pig and Hog Hunting, where the sharp teeth of the Hogs and Pigs cut and damage the battery case of the Garmin (DC40, DC30) tracking collars.

GPS Collar covers are injection molded to universally fit both the Garmin Astro DC40 and DC30 collars.  So if you're looking for a Garmin DC40 cover, or a Garmin DC30 cover this is the Collar cover you are looking for.   It will cover and protect your Garmin Tracking collars from Hogs, Pigs, Bear, Coyotes and all other aggressive Hunting conditions.

Another benefit for Garmin DC30 collars is that it will protect and cover the charging port from getting damaged and corroded.  By using the GPS Collar Covers on your DC30 you can extend the life of the collar and it will be easier to charge your DC30 after your hunt.

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