Garmin has improved the Alpha to DriveTrack pairing process with software updates since the
inception of the DriveTrack 70. However, having the Alpha and the DriveTrack fail to pair with
each other is still common. This often happens after they become separated from each other,
and then for some reason will not pair back up together.

Here are a few easy fixes:

1. Make sure the Alpha is actively tracking collars.

If the Alpha is not actively tracking collars, the DriveTrack will not show any collar data.


2. Power cycle the DriveTrack

Hold down the power button on the back of the DriveTrack 70 for several seconds until the DriveTrack asks "Turn off the device?"
Select "Off"
Once the DriveTrack has been powered off, simply hold down the power button until it comes
back on again.


3. Restart Broadcast mode on the Alpha

This is typically what will fix the connection between the Alpha and DriveTrack 70.

Select "settings"
Select "Dogs"
Select "Broadcast dog data"
Select "Off"
We then want to turn it back on again by:
Selecting "Broadcast dog data"
and finally selecting "On"



4. Un-pair and re-pair the connection on the DriveTrack 70

From the DriveTracks home page select "Dogs" (dog icon)
In the top right corner of the display select the menu icon (3 horizontal lines)
Select "Unpair"
confirm by selecting "Yes"
If Broadcast mode is enabled on the Alpha, The DriveTrack should immediately pair with


Other tips to improve pairing include:

  • Turning off Bluetooth on the DriveTrack (settings, Bluetooth, un-check the enabled box)


  • Clearing track data on the DriveTrack 70 (settings, device, clear travel history)