There are two training stimulation modes for the Alpha 100, linear and traditional.


  1. Linear:  Has levels 1 through 18. 1 being barely noticeable and 18 being severe.
  2. Traditional: Has levels 1 through 6 with high, medium, and low options for each level. 1 low being barely noticeable and 6 High being severe.


With the Garmin Alpha regarding Corrections,  you can select linear and traditional modes which basically give the same stimulation levels.

Linear Mode is more straight forward and easier to understand with levels 1-18

Traditional being a little more confusing for some. This is due to the L, M, H option for each of the 6 levels. For example as the chart below indicates,   a 3 with the linear mode would be the same stimulation as a 1 high on the traditional mode, and a 13 on the linear mode would be the same stimulation as a 5 low on the traditional mode.

For this reason, we recommend to use the linear mode to eliminate any and all confusion. The chart below illustrates the similarity and comparisons of the two modes.


 Garmin Alpha Shocking levels