Garmin Alpha 100/TT15 HowTo Section

Easy to Follow HowTo section for you Alpha 100 System and TT15 collars.

  1. How to : Pair Your Garmin Alpha 100 with your Fenix 5 Watch

    How to: Pair Your Garmin Alpha 100 with your Fenix 5 Watch This entry was posted on January 18, 2018 by Jason Duby. Purchase the Garmin Fenix 5 Watch  How do I pair my Alpha 100 with my Fenix watch? First you will need to download the "Dog Tracking" widget from the Garmin “Connect IQ” store.  You can find this in your Garmin Connect Application under...
  2. How to: Pair a DC50 With an Alpha 100 Handheld

    Purchase the Alpha 100 Combo How do I add a DC50 to my Alpha 100 handheld? Make sure that the DC50 you are attempting to add to the Alpha 100 handheld has been updated to the latest software version. Failure to do so will result in a failed attempt to add the collar to the dog list. The software...
  3. How do I Pair my Alpha 100 to my DriveTrack70?

    First you will want to make sure that all other handhelds surrounding you are turned off. This will assure that your DriveTrack70 will pair with your unit and not with another hunter's. From your home screen, select Setup Select Dogs Verify that the Dog Broadcasting is turned “on” (if it says dog broadcasting is “off” simply select “dog broadcasting” then...
  4. How do I turn on the Alarm Clock on my Alpha 100 handheld

    This can be used as a valuable tool in the event you drop your Alpha 100 while in the woods or if you need an early wake up call. Follow these steps starting at the Main Menu At the bottom of the screen, select the arrow pointing up to show the rest of your menu items.... Purchase the Garmin Alpha...
  5. My Alpha Unit Keeps Zooming Out

    When your Alpha 100 handheld unit zooms out expectantly it is actually zooming out to try and show you where your dogs are. Most of the time this happens when you don't use all of your collars and so your hand held is still trying to show you the last place it received the location of the TT10 Tracking collar.  ...
  6. How To: Turning On Rescue Mode on the Garmin Alpha

    1. Select Dog List. 2. Select a dog. 3. Select Show Info > ≡ > Rescue Mode > On. When the collar battery life reaches below 25%, the collar update rate is automatically changed to once every 2 minutes.
  7. How To: Changing the Collar Update Rate on the Garmin Alpha

    You can select a longer duration for the update rate to conserve battery power. 1. Select Dog List. 2. Select a dog. 3. Select Show Info > ≡ > Change Update Rate. 4. Sect new update rate.
  8. How To: Changing the color of the Dog’s Track on the Garmin Alpha

    You can change the color of the track on the map to match the collar strap. 1. Select Dog List. 2. Select a dog. 3. Select Show Info. 4. Select the colored square next to the dog’s name. 5. Select a color
  9. How To: Changing the Length of the dogs’ track on the Garmin Alpha

    You can adjust the length of the tracks that are shown on the map. This can help reduce the clutter on the map. 1. Select Setup > Dogs > Dog Track on Map. 2. Select an option to show more or less of the tracks on the map.  

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