Drivetrack Support Topics

  1. How to: Find landowner information on a Drivetrack 70/71 using a Garmin Huntview Plus Map

    From your map page tap the screen on the parcel you'd like to find information for. You may need to zoom in close enough to see the black lines showing property boundaries. Tap the screen twice. This will bring up a flag on the page. If you look near the bottom of the screen a new toolbar will appear with...
  2. How to: Pair or Repair a Drivetrack 70/71

    From your Main Screen tap "Dogs" . You will notice there is no green check mark on Dogs because no handheld is paired to the Drivetrack. From the dog list tap the three bars in the upper left hand corner. Then tap "Unpair" This will bring up a warning screen. Make sure the handheld you want paired is the only...
  3. How to: Preform a Master Reset on Drivetrack 70/71

    From your Main Screen tap "Volume" Hold your finger on the upper right hand corner of the screen for at least 10 seconds. This will bring up a diagnostics page. Then tap "Clear all user data" Then you will need to tap "Yes". You will lose all your saved places but will restore your Drivetrack to factory settings.
  4. How to: Update Drivetrack 71 Software Wirelessly

    From your main screen. Tap “Settings” Tap the down arrow Tap “Wireless Networks” Tap “Wi-Fi” Tap “Search for Networks” Tap an available network and type the password for that network. You will get a message asking if you consent to Garmin collecting, using, and sharing your device data. You can choose “Yes or No” Next message will prompt you for...
  5. Alpha and DriveTrack 70 Pairing issues

    Garmin has improved the Alpha to DriveTrack pairing process with software updates since the inception of the DriveTrack 70. However, having the Alpha and the DriveTrack fail to pair with each other is still common. This often happens after they become separated from each other, and then for some reason will not pair back up together. Here are a few...
  6. How To: Change Usage Mode on the Garmin DriveTrack 70

    If you would like to change the "Usage Mode", please follow these steps From your Home Screen, select "Settings" Select "Usage Mode" You can select between, Prompted, Automobile, or Dog Tracking Prompted - This will automatically switch to Dog Tracking Mode you when it is connected to an Alpha/Astro Device. When your Alpha is turned off, your Drivetrack will automatically...
  7. How do I Pair my Alpha 100 to my DriveTrack70?

    First you will want to make sure that all other handhelds surrounding you are turned off. This will assure that your DriveTrack70 will pair with your unit and not with another hunter's. From your home screen, select Setup Select Dogs Verify that the Dog Broadcasting is turned “on” (if it says dog broadcasting is “off” simply select “dog broadcasting” then...
  8. How To: Show/Hide Dog Name/Distance on the Garmin DriveTrack 70

     From the home screen select "Settings" Select "Map and Vehicle" Select "Dog Labels" You can now select what information you would like displayed, you can either enable or disable the dogs "Name" and "Distance" to be displayed on the map.   Once you have made your selection, select "Save"
  9. How To: Clear Travel History on a Garmin DriveTrack70

     From the home screen of the DriveTrack70 select "Settings"  2. Scroll down and select "Device"  3. select "Clear Travel History"  4. Select "Yes" Your Garmin DriveTrack70 will now clear all previous travel history.  
  10. How To: Change my Dog Icon Size on the Garmin DriveTrack70

     From the home screen select "Settings"  Select "Map and Vehicle"  Select "Dog Icon Size"  Once you have made your selection, select "Save"  Your map will now show the updated dog icon size

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