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  1. Double U Photo Sharing Contest Rules

    Double U Photo Sharing Contest Rules 1st Week- Bear Dog 9/18 - 22 2nd Week- Coon Dog Sept 25-29 3rd Week- Pig Dog Oct 2-6 4th Week- Rabbit Dog Oct 9-13 5th Week- Lion Dog Oct 16-20 6th Week- Bird Dog Oct 23-27 7th Week- Bobcat Dog Oct 30- Nov 3 8th Week- Squirrel Dog Oct 30- Nov 3 9th...
  2. Black Friday 2022

    Black Friday 2022
    Shop Doorbusters! Doorbuster Products will start Thursday the 24th at 8am PST! Shop Alpha 10 Bundle Shop 30% Off Clothing Shop 50% Off Stickers and Decals
  3. What to Consider Before Breeding

    What to Consider Before Breeding
    When it comes to breeding hounds there is a lot to think about when selecting which two to breed. It also becomes very situational based on if you breed two from your own pack or whether you are working with another hound owner to have a litter. Another thing to consider when breeding is what your purpose for this litter...
  4. Eyes of Fire: Encounter with A Borderlands Jaguar by Warner Glenn: A Review

    Eyes of Fire: Encounter with A Borderlands Jaguar by Warner Glenn: A Review
    Written by Warner Glenn himself, Eyes of Fire: Encounter with A Borderlands Jaguar contains the story of Warner’s adventure of finding and tracking a jaguar on United States soil down in the Peloncillo Mountains near the Mexican-American border. With multiple photos of the jaguar he and his hounds tracked included within its pages to help accent the adventure, this is...
  5. Smokey Mountain Bear Attack

    Smokey Mountain Bear Attack
    I have lived my entire life in the same little town of Hendersonville NC. Now at 38, black bears are getting quite common here. They get into our trash, tear up bird feeders and even make appearances up town. However, this wasn’t always the case. As a child we would travel to Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge TN where bears seemed...
  6. Garmin Antenna Tool To purchase this item click here! Antenna Tool
  7. Tips for Conditioning a Dog to Gunfire

    Tips for Conditioning a Dog to Gunfire
    When it comes to the realm of retrievers, bird dogs, treeing dogs, and even in some cases pack dogs gun shyness is something that can be heartbreaking. From experience, owning a dog that cowers even when you pull a gun out of the truck is highly frustrating. Working with a lab puppy lately has led me to doing a lot...
  8. Jalapeno-Stuffed Bear Burger

    Jalapeno-Stuffed Bear Burger
    It’s a little known fact there are few things in this world that are better than a nice big burger, and the best burgers are made with bear. Here’s a simple, no-nonsense recipe for a spicy and delicious bear burger that is just as good in the cold of winter as it is on the summertime BBQ grill. Steps Take...
  9. Coyotes Spring '22

    Coyotes Spring '22
    Spring is upon us here in South Dakota. Recently I have spent some nights out on the prairie, and have been hearing some aggressive vocalization from coyotes.  I decided to give it a try and see if they would come in and work the dogs. I asked my daughter who has been working with her Kemmer Cur, Chuck, if she would...
  10. Registered vs Non-registered Hounds

    Registered vs Non-registered Hounds
    Every person has likely had some very good hunting dogs and some that might not have been so good, but something that many people stand divided on is whether or not to have registered dogs. Dog registration holds its place in the hound community and there are definitely some cases where registered dogs may be the best choice. However, is...

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