Garmin Astro HowTo Section

  1. How to Start New Hunt on your Garmin Astro 430, Or 320

    To Start a new Hunt on your Garmin Astro 430 or 320 please follow these steps For the Astro 320 & Astro 430: Go to your main menu and select "Start New Hunt". Astro 430 Only: Once you are on the Start New Hunt page you will notice you can select which dogs you would like to start a new...
  2. HowTo: Installing Birdseyeview on your Garmin Astro 320

    Garmin Video Shows Using a Garmin 320,  However this is the same instructions for an Garmin Alpha Installing Birdseye View: Step 1:  Activate Birdseye View subscription.  If you purchased this from DuSupply, You would enter the Key that was provided to you at the following URL : Follow the instructions to activate your subscription. Step 2:  Next, download and...
  3. How To: Update your Garmin Astro/Alpha Handheld

    Here is a short video showing how to update the Garmin Astro 320 or 220 using the Garmin Web Updater program.
  4. Updating DC20,DC30,DC40 with a Astro 220 handheld

    Updating the DC20, DC30, DC40 collar using a Garmin Astro 220 Step 1:  Download and Install Garmin Webupdater if you don't already have this on your computer. Step 2: Connect the 220 to your computer using the USB cable Step 3: Turn on both the 220 and the collar you want to update Step 4: Using the 220 Select the...

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