Garmin Astro HowTo Section

  1. How to Start New Hunt on your Garmin Astro 430, Or 320

    To Start a new Hunt on your Garmin Astro 430 or 320 please follow these steps Start New Hunt Astro 430 Go to your main menu and select "Start New Hunt". Astro 430 Only: Once you are on the Start New Hunt page you will notice you can select which dogs you would like to start a new hunt with...
  2. HowTo: Installing Birdseyeview on your Garmin Astro 320

    Garmin Video Shows Using a Garmin 320,  However this is the same instructions for an Garmin Alpha Installing Birdseye View: Step 1:  Activate Birdseye View subscription.  If you purchased this from DuSupply, You would enter the Key that was provided to you at the following URL  Follow the instructions to activate your subscription. Step 2:  Next  Download and install...
  3. HowTO: Update your Garmin Astro/Alpha Handheld

    Here is a Short Video showing how to update the Garmin Astro 320 or 220 using the Garmin Web Updater program.  
  4. Updating DC20,DC30,DC40 with a Astro 220 handheld

    Updating the DC20, DC30, DC40 collar using a Garmin Astro 220 Step 1:  Download and Install Garmin Webupdater if you don't already have this on your computer. Step 2: Connect the 220 to your computer using the USB cable Step 3: Turn on both the 220 and the collar you want to update Step 4: Using the 220 Select the...

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