Garmin Astro 430 Help and Troubleshooting

  1. How to remove the Purple / Pink line from an Astro 320 and Astro 430

     A common troubleshooting question is "How do I get rid of the  Pink or Purple line on my Astro 320 or Astro 430 map screen?" The "Pink / Purple " line is to help guide you to a location. Often this happens by mistake.   To Remove the Pink or Purple line from an Astro 430: Go to the...
  2. 430 Dog Track Length

    If your tracks on the map page are disappearing or are staying very short, you may need to adjust your track time length, the following steps tells how....  Start on main menu Select "Setup" Select "Dogs" Select "Dog Track Length on Map" You can now select from Hide all tracks, 5 min, 10 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 2 hour...
  3. My Maps Disappeared, how do I get them Back?

    If your maps have completely disappeared on your Garmin Astro 430 follow these steps to retrieve them. Start on your map screen Press Menu Scroll down to "Declutter map off" Press Enter and your maps should automatically come back up
  4. My Astro 430 Purple/Pink Line

    The Straight purple or pink line is caused by navigating to a Point or Dog.  This is caused when you Select "GOTO" either on a Dog, or if you are looking at a waypoint or point on your map.  To remove the purple line follow the steps below. (We are hopeful that Garmin will make this easier to do in...

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