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MURS Frequency

TEK 2.0:

915.4 Mhz measured on Spec-Analyzer
(Which suggests that it uses the ISM Band)

All units were completely stock only, including manufactured items found in the retail boxes. We used no upgraded antennas or products for this test. The TT15 collar had the shorter 18.5 Antenna and the T5 was using the longer 22.5 Long Range antenna. Both antennas are included in the packaging. Antennas were collared on a rail of my dog box approximately 6 feet above the ground, this gives better than ideal conditions as a dog would be lower to the ground and we would expect degraded signals if worn on a dog for both systems due to height and obstructions/cover.


Since the TEK was a new product we were not familiar with, we linked up Three TEK collars with 2 handhelds. This allows us to collect more data points and avoid any abnormalities or outliers in data points. It should also be noted we only used 2 collars with 1 Alpha handheld since we regularly use this course with Garmin products and have a good idea what is normal with Alpha collars. This was a gross test of distance to see if further testing would be needed.

We should also note that in our experience, the Alpha system did perform better than average testing's of Alpha TT10 collars that we have done extensive testing with. Generally on this course we would expect to see 1.4 miles to 2.5 miles with a TT10 so The T5 and TT15 were on the upper end of our previous expected tests we do not know if this is due to changes in the T5/TT15 compared to the TT10 collars.

Both the T5 and TT15 were very comparable and tracked consistently the same. The TEK collars though, with a wider data point spread, tracked consistently suggesting that the test results are valid points and not outliers.

Course Description:Course_Map

We connect the collars on the same truck and drive a loop, the road climbs and curves up with some light cover between the shop and the truck for approximately 1.5 miles before it slightly drops up and down in elevation increasingly placing cover and hills between the handheld and collars. We turn toward the North which places several hills between the collars and handheld, and use a return path heading West, North of the collars on the other side of a slight ridge. This allows us to return to the shop in a different direction and allows us to see when the unit picks up clearly by the straight line track caused on the screen. In our experience we do not expect the units to track the collars while traveling on the west traveling leg. We once again turn left and travel South, almost straight towards the shop and handhelds and note when the collars re-acquire the signal. This gives us two data points that are clearly easy to notice and see on the screen.


Garmin® Alpha™ system Distances in Yards/Miles:

Garmin Distances

SportDOG® TEK 2.0 Distances in Yards/Miles:


TEK 1= Collar #1
TEK 2= Collar #2
TEK 3= Collar #3
H1= Handheld #1
H2= Handheld #2

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