Garmin Astro Antenna's

Garmin Astro antenna comparison and rating chart.


Range Durability Portability Total Score
Stock Rubber Duck 2 stars 9 Stars 8 Stars 19/30
Stock 320 Extended Range 5 Stars 7 Stars 8 Stars 20/30
14inch Flexible 4.5 Stars 9 Stars 8.5 Stars 22/30
Long Range Rubber Duck 5 Stars 7 Stars 7 Stars 19/30
Folding Antenna 3.5 Stars 5 Stars 10 Stars 18/30
Magnent Mount 10 Stars 8 Stars 3 Stars 21/30
Handheld Long range 10 Stars 2 Stars 4 Stars 16/30
Replacement telescopic Antenna 9 Stars 7 Stars 4 Stars 20/30


Range:  Range is difficult as terrain and conditions.   As a general rule we expect around a mile from the stock rubber duck antenna, For 10 stars we like to see double or triple that distance.  We all want more range, but let's face it 2-3 miles with GPS is better than 6 miles with telemetry.

Durability:  Again this is subjective, however  how we rate it by how much abuse will this antenna take.  Remember, we are houndsmen also, we've seen your trucks,  We don't have to tell you what abuse means.

Portability:  This is a test of how easy this antenna is to take with you in the field.  We consider when you take it to the roughest conditions on foot, thick dense brush, deep snow, and other factors conditions that make you forget about a 500 dollar GPS in your hands.

All of these tests are subjective and we would love to hear your input about different antennas and if you agree or disagree with our ratings.