First you will need to set the rotary dial on top of the unit to "N" or  "neutral" position. Follow the steps below to program your TT15, TT15 mini, T5 or T5 mini to the Pro 550 +

  • -Place upper selector switch in the desired position for the collar you are adding
  • -Press the dedicated "tone" button above upper selector switch
  • -Press upper stimulation button to put Pro 550 + into pairing mode as shown on display
  • -Select either "Treeing" or "Pointing" as shown on display


Your Pro 550 + will go into pairing mode as indicated by the display.  "Wait for collar" will appear on the Pro 550 + display.

You will need to press and hold the power button of the collar you are wanting to program putting it into pairing mode (you will hear the collar start beeping and green indicator led will blink rapidly)

Your collar will now pair with the Pro 550 + handheld.

Note: Please make sure that collars have been updated to the latest software version prior to pairing with the Pro 550 +.  If at anytime during the pairing procedure you wish to cancel, you can press the dedicated "tone" button to return to normal operation.