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How do I add a DC50 to my Alpha 100 handheld?

Make sure that the DC50 you are attempting to add to the Alpha 100 handheld has been updated to the latest software version. Failure to do so will result in a failed attempt to add the collar to the dog list. The software MUST be updated to track the DC50 collar on an Alpha 100 handheld.

There are two ways to add a DC50 to an alpha.  You can either share the Dog Info Wirelessly from an Astro 430 to an Alpha, or you can enter in the Track or Track and Train code for the DC50 collar into an Alpha 100.  *NOTE- to share wirelessly the Astro and Alpha will need to be with in tracking distance of each other.

You will first need to program the DC50 into an Astro 430 handheld. (see instruction for adding a dog” in our Astro 430 help section)

  • Go to the “Dog list” on the Astro 430 and select the DC50 you wish to share and press enter.
  • To share wirelessly, select "Share Wirelessly".  You can then choose if you want to give permission for the Alpha to Track your dog only (“Track Code”) or Track and Train your dog (“Track and Train”).  Select which option. The DC50 collar will be sent wirelessly to the Alpha.
  • If you would like to manually add the DC50 to the Alpha, you will need the “Track and Train Code”.  To find this Select “Show Info” under your DC50 and write down the Track code (permission for the Alpha to only track your dog), or Control code (permission for the Alpha to both Track and Train your dog.)


  • On the Alpha 100 handheld, go to your “Dog List
  • Select “Add Dog

When the Alpha 100 asks if you are “Near the Collar?”...It Depends on if you are sharing wirelessly from a 430 or manually entering the code.

    • Sharing Wirelessly -  Select “No”, and then answer “Yes” to the question asking if you would like to share wireless.
      • If sharing wireless it should automatically receive the collar on the alpha.
      • If Manually entering the DC50 Collar, when it asks if you know the track or control code for the collar, select “Yes”.
      • You can Manually Enter the track, or the control code from the “Dog Information” page of the Astro 430, into the Alpha 100 handheld.
  • The Alpha 100 handheld will now communicate with the DC50 and you will be able to enter the dog’s name and begin tracking.