Matching a Tri-Tronics G2 or G3 EXP Collar to Your System

Please read all steps before starting.

Step 1 - Install strap of the desired color on the new collar and charge new receiver for two hours.

Step 2 - Set transmitter dog selection switch to the color of the strap.

Step 3 - Set transmitter intensity dial to a number, not a letter.

Step 4 - Turn the collar on.

Step 5 - Press and hold collar on/off button, then press and hold a “continuous” transmitter button. Hold both buttons down for 5 seconds - until you hear two quick beeps (ignore the long beep that sounds right away). Release both buttons.

Step 6 - The collar will now be set to match your transmitter, and will be turned off.

Step 7 - Check for a successful match by turning the collar back on and pressing a “continuous” transmitter button.

Step 8 - The collar light will turn on. If you are not planning to use the unit now, turn the collar off after testing.

If the transmitter does not operate the new collar, try the procedure again. If you are still having trouble please call Double U’s Customer Service line at 855-384-8687 for help.

Note for Classic 70 G2/G3 EXP or Trashbreaker G2/G3 EXP.

When adding a receiver for dogs 1-3, use the button that matches the strap color and place the dog selection switch in the UP position. When adding a receiver for dogs 4-6, use the button inside the colored circle that matches the strap color and place the dog selection switch in the DOWN position.

Collar straps to match the buttons on your Tri-Tronics transmitter are available from Double U Hunting Supply.