How to: Pair Your Garmin Alpha 100 with your Fenix 5 Watch

This entry was posted on January 18, 2018 by Jason Duby.

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 How do I pair my Alpha 100 with my Fenix watch?

First you will need to download the "Dog Tracking" widget from the Garmin “Connect IQ” store.  You can find this in your Garmin Connect Application under “More” on the bottom left.  This is a good time to make sure all other.

Garmin devices in the area are turned OFF. 

  • From your home screen on your Garmin Alpha, select “setup

  • Select “Dogs

  • Make sure your “Dog Broadcasting” is turned “on” (if it says dog broadcasting is “Off simply select “Dog Broadcasting” then “On”)

  • Open the "Dog Tracker" widget on your Fenix 5 watch

Your Fenix 5 and Alpha 100 should automatically connect.


If they do not...

Make sure all other Garmin Handhelds are turned off.

While in your Dog Widget, press the Start/Stop Button (Top Right). Cycle down until you see "Forget Transmitter" - again press your Start/Stop Button

Try powering off and on BOTH your Alpha and your Fenix 5 watch (power button is top Left). Then try to reconnect them.

If available, try connecting to another Alpha or anther watch.  If they connect, disconnect them, and try connecting the original Fenix and Alpha, pair.