Starting at your Map screen on your Astro 320, press the Menu button and select Setup Dogs.


Once you select Setup Dogs, you will be able to turn On or Off the Bark Detection Mode on your 320 handheld.

When Bark Detection is on, boxes will appear on your Astro 320 with the Barking rate for the DC50 collars appearing in them as shown in the pictures below:


You can then enable or change your Bark Detection Alerts separately on your Astro handheld  by going from your map screen and pressing menu, setup dogs, and to Dog Alerts. Once in Dog Alerts, you can choose from Tone, Vibrate, Tone and Vibrate, Message Only, and Off.

Once you have chosen which Bark Alert you would like for you DC 50 collars select it. Next you will choose the minimum bark rate you want to be notified, you can pick from 20, 40, 60, and 80 barks per minute rate before you are notified. This is another tool for deciphering if your dogs are treed or still trailing. Once you’ve picked your minimum bark rate you are done.

(NOTE: These features will not affect the Bark detection indicators on the compass screen and Map screen.  It will only affect the message box that pop’s up.)