From your main screen. Tap “Settings”

Tap the down arrow

Tap “Wireless Networks”

Tap “Wi-Fi”

Tap “Search for Networks”

Tap an available network and type the password for that network.

You will get a message asking if you consent to Garmin collecting, using, and sharing your device data. You can choose “Yes or No”

Next message will prompt you for your email address and whether you’d like to receive Offers and Promotions which you can “Skip” if you’d like.

If you skip you get a prompt to Register your product with Garmin Express which you can bypass by tapping “OK”

This will take you back to the Setting Menu. From here tap “Updates”

Your Drivetrack 71 will check for updates.

You will always have two options Map updates and Software updates, or you can “Install All”. “Installing all” updates maps and software and can take a long time depending on your internet connection speed and may require an external microSD card for additional storage.

I chose to tap “Software” and only do the software update which is a much quicker download.

Tap “Install All”

Tap “Accept All” for Garmin’s licensing agreement

A screen will show up with Important Installation Notes take note to not interrupt the device installation and to keep it plugged it in until it is complete. Tap “Start”

Once the update is complete your Drivetrack 71 will restart and take you back to choose a local, language, and accept the license agreement.

If successful, you’ll see a screen saying Updates The following content was installed on your device”

You can repeat this process and instead select “Maps” to update your driving maps but it will be a much longer download and depending on the size require an external microSD card for additional storage.