This master reset should work for the following Garmin GPS Collars:

  • TT10
  • TT15
  • T5
  • TT15 Mini
  • T5 Mini

If the Garmin GPS collar collar is failing to operate as expected, corrupt data may be the cause. Performing a master reset will reset the collar to factory settings and clear data resolving issues caused by corrupt data.

To perform a master reset on TT10, TT15, T5, or TT15/T5 Mini collar:

  1. Ensure the device is powered off
  2. Connect charging clip to collar
  3. Connect USB cable to collar and computer
  4. Ensure collar light is active to confirm connection
  5. Firmly press the Power button 4 times
  6. Wait for light to turn green then red
  7. Disconnect USB cable and charging clip from collar

If this does not fix your problem, please contact Double U for more support options. 855-384-8687

The collar has now been reset and is ready for use.