If you would like to change the "Usage Mode", please follow these steps

  • From your Home Screen, select "Settings"

  • Select "Usage Mode"

  • You can select between, Prompted, Automobile, or Dog Tracking
    • Prompted - This will automatically switch to Dog Tracking Mode you when it is connected to an Alpha/Astro Device. When your Alpha is turned off, your Drivetrack will automatically go into Automobile mode.  Again, when you turn on your Garmin Alpha/Astro your DriveTrack should go back into Dog Tracking Mode.
    • Automobile - This allows you to navigate via roads and will route you and give directions, just like any other driving GPS.
    • Dog Tracking- This gives you some features on the map page that are for tracking your dogs. (For example the Follow dog Button)
  • Once you have made your selection, select "Save"