K-Light "The Zoom PLUS"

K-Light "The Zoom PLUS"

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Now available with a sidelight!! Have the benefits of a flood light and a Zoomable Spot!!!

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Quick Overview

Double U’s thoughts on The Zoom Plus

Kelley’s K-Lights has done it again! Introducing the new and improved addition to the K-Light family: The Zoom Plus. This high-intensity light features an industry-first sidelight that gives you the benefit of a fully adjustable flood/spot beam in white, yellow, green and red, along with an additional single-color sidelight bright enough to illuminate any path and even assist in shining. The Zoom Plus is hands down the most versatile light we have hunted with. Let’s go over some of the details.

The construction of The Zoom Plus is almost identical to The Zoom, with the exception of a few upgrades, the most obvious being the newly added sidelight. For those of you who have read our review of The Zoom, https://www.dusupply.com/k-light-the-zoom.html you’ll remember that we were very skeptical at first. To be honest, we felt the same way with The Zoom Plus, but again, we were pleasantly surprised.

Not only was the sidelight bright, but it has its own independent on/off push switch. This switch is located at the rear of the sidelight and is easily activated with a quick click of the button. This was a big plus, as we prefer a secondary switch for our walking lights. After just a few nights with The Zoom Plus, we found ourselves rarely in need of the main spot/flood beam. The sidelight was more than bright enough for a walking light and we even shined low trees without the aid of the larger spot/flood beam.

Our main concern with the newly-added sidelight was durability. At first glance, the sidelight’s mounting didn’t seem as durable or as strong as other walking lights, but we certainly put it to the test. After months of running The Zoom Plus through the ringer—and some of the thickest manzanita brush the Pacific Northwest has to offer—we have to give credit where credit is due. When we really started thinking about how many times the dogs knocked it off the dog box and passengers accidently kicked it out of the truck, we realized how durable this power-packed light really is. The sidelight is as solid now as the day we pulled it out of the box!

The other notable addition is a larger rotary switch knob. This larger knob makes for a smooth transition between brightness/color setting with just the right amount of resistance to stay “parked” in your selected position.

This may not be a big deal to some, but it has benefits for many hunters. With the zoomable beam set to the tight spot, this smooth switch allows you to change brightness settings without shifting the focus of your beam. While this may seem ridiculous to most, unless you’ve hunted with a zoom, you don’t realize how tight the spot beam really is. Think of all the times we “lose” game in the tree once they turn their heads. With the smooth switching of The Zoom Plus, you can back the brightness without moving the beam in hopes they will take another look your way. This has been a big advantage in tall and full timber, as well as fully-leaved hardwoods. Sometimes these conditions create a small void in the canopy to spot through, or a twisted maze of limbs and branches, making it difficult to spot your game.

Other than that, The Zoom Plus is a carbon copy of the original Zoom. The focusable spot/flood beam has 3 levels of bright white, one level of soft yellow, one level of green and one level of red LED light. The single rotary selector switch has an off position at full forward and full back positions. Now you don’t have to switch through the white light just to get to the color settings. The Zoom Plus also shines in the battery department with a runtime of up to 50 hours!

All in all, The Zoom Plus is a bright, durable and versatile option for coon and varmint hunters alike. After hunting with two generations of the Kelley’s K-Light Zoom, we couldn’t be more impressed. They truly had all hunters in mind when designing The Zoom and The Zoom Plus.

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