Leather Tree Lead-Standard

Leather Tree Lead-Standard

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Leather Tree Lead

Chain Tree Lead= 3/4" x 56" (32" is length of Leather and 24" is length of Chain) YN_875

All Leather - 5/8" x 56" YN_876


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Quick Overview

These Yoder Nylon brand leather and chain tree leads will offer the strength and dependability you need in the field. With a feel that can not be replicated by imitation products these leads are built with high quality durable leather! Pair that with their sewn/riveted double reinforced construction and you have one of the best leather leads on the market.

At 5’ in length these leads keep your dog in control without being under your feet. This gives you plenty of room to navigate your way back home without the trip ups. They also are long enough for most to wear comfortably over their shoulder leaving enough room to maneuver your way to the tree.

If you are looking for a lead that is as comfortable to handle as it is durable look no further, the Yoder Nylon brand Leather Tree Lead is the lead for you.

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