Lion Tracks 3 DVD With Steve BiggerStaff

Lion Tracks 3 DVD With Steve BiggerStaff

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Lion Tracks Three (3) DVD. With Steve Biggerstaff. Cougar Hunting Video.

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NEW DVD!  Exclusively at Double U Hunting Supply!

Lion Tracks 3

Lion Tracks 3, The latest installment of the Lion Tracks DVD series is sure to excite both Houndsmen and Lion Hunters alike. Join Houndsman and Lion hunter Steve Biggerstaff on 10 all new fair chase hunts for the elusive mountain lion, and get a look at Western lion hunting with hounds like you've never seen before.

Note From Buddy:  I rarely get time to watch many hunting DVD's anymore, but when we are out at the sports shows and events the DVD's that I don't forget to bring are the Biggerstaff Lion DVD's.  These DVD's are my favorite Hunting DVD's that I use to stop crowds in front of my booth because they are a well put together exciting Video of Lions and great footage.   We were extremely excited to work with Randi and Steve to bring this Lion Tracks 3 cougar DVD to our customers on an exclusive Double U Deal.   Randi and Steve are Great People and really do a great job at making DVD's,  I'm excited to endorse their product as my personal Favorite DVD.  

There's Plenty of Action to get you excited about chasing Long Tails.  Just like the orginal Lion tracks DVD and Lion Tracks 2 DVD this third installment is a great addition to any hunters collection of DVD's.


Approximately 60 Min.

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