Marshall Lighted Tracking Collar

Marshall Lighted Tracking Collar

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Marshall Lighted Tracking Telemetry Collar

This product may have a 3-6 month lead time. Currently not expecting back in stock until December 2022. 

Please call 855-384-8687 for availability and lead times.

***Frequency 219 is no longer an available option***


Quick Overview

The longest range tracking collar for Hounds, available anywhere, this collar runs for months of normal use on common AA batteries.

This means you can get your batteries almost anywhere and they don't cost $8 to $12 each!
Collars run for over 700 hours on new set of batteries.

A small LED flashes green during normal use, and switches to red to warn you when only 5 days of life are left.
You'll never again have a collar quit on you with your dog out in the woods, because you didn't know the batteries were almost dead.

Machined casing with tripled sealed waterproof construction for years of heavy use.

The magnetic switch does not need the magnet strapped to the collar, but only requires a tap to turn on and a tap to turn off.

Best of all, the PowerMax is availible in any frequency you need from in 173.005-.995, 150.005-155.995 and 216.005 to 217.995! Available frequencies: 150-155, 216, 217, 218, and 173 MHz .

Available light colors: orange, green, blue, yellow.

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