Marshal GPS Tracking system

We've all heard that Marshall has been working on a GPS system for several years now.  Each time it's been followed by Disappointing delays and no news.    we can say so far we are definitely not impressed with Marshall's customer service and this trend has been very informative and frustrating.

We look forward to Seeing what this New Marshall GPS "long Ranger" product will be and as always we will carry the best tracking equipment, Expect a full un biased and honest review as soon as we can regarding any GPS system available.

As soon as we learn more about the Marshall Long Ranger we will let you know.   Here is the Latest Statement from Marshall's website.

Several times, I've extended my hand to reach out and to help relay concerns and issues from our customers,  Unfortunately they do not respond to any emails,  or requests,  I don't see much  desire from them seeking input from key customers.  One can only hope that they get it right, 

We are hopeful to find a company that truely values, and listens to customers.  I have 14 years Experience in Product development with electronics, But much more important,  we get to hear from thousands of customers and users who would like to give input for the products they use daily.



Marshall GPS Tracking System Update from Marshall's website.


"Is Marshall Radio coming out with a GPS Combo Tracking System? If so, when?"

Here's an interim update from Dave Marshall:

"To answer the numerous inquiries coming in daily from our anxious customers, I can only confirm we are still working on the combination GPS/Telemetry tracking system, have worked through several functional versions over the last year, and fully intend to see it through to production. We can also say that the testing over the last few months have proven the breakthrough technology for greatly increased distance that we developed specifically for this product is working incredibly well. The final design will carry the descriptive name "The LongRanger" and we hope to have additional news as to it's availability later this summer.

It'll be unlike anything currently out there in surpising ways."

- David L. Marshall