Petsafe Stay+Play Wireless Fence System

Petsafe Stay+Play Wireless Fence System

Quick Overview

PetSafe Play and Stay Wireless Dog containment system

Quick Overview

The PetSafe Play and Stay is a Wireless Dog Containment system.  Very simple and easy to use.


Wireless - sets up in minutes, just plug and play.
Portable - can easily be used while traveling or taken to a new home if you move.
Safe and Secure - provides a safety zone that your pet won't run through, dig under, or jump over.
Instant installation - no burying wire.
Expandable - This system will support an unlimited number of collars (1 is included).

How it works: Simply plug in the transmitter somewhere inconspicuously in your home. It emits a radio signal around your home. Your pet wears a lightweight receiver collar which "listens" for the signal. While its receiving the signal, your dog is free to run and play. When it approaches the boundary of the signal area, it receives a warning beep. If it continues, it receives a light static energy pulse which is startling but not harmful.

With a little training that is simple and quick, your pet quickly learns its boundaries. Setting the boundaries of your yard takes only a few minutes. Since the signal can transmit reliably through walls or other household obstructions, it can be placed in any convenient and discreet location in your house, typically a garage or closet.


  • Covers an adjustable circular area up to 3/4 acre.

  • Completely portable - no wire to bury.

  • Rechargeable Receiver/Collar quickly chargers in 2-3 hours. 
  • A fully charged Play and Stay Collar will last between 2-3 weeks.  You will see a Flashing light to indicate a low battery.

  • Collar/Receiver is fully waterproof.

  • Suggested for dogs over 5 pounds with neck size from 6" to 23".

  • 5 adjustable levels of correction plus tone only mode for training.

  • Set-up in 1-2 hours.

  • One-Year Warranty.

    System Includes

  • Transmitter with Power Adapter

  • Waterproof Receiver with Adjustable Collar

  • Receiver Charger

  • Operating and Training Guide.

  • 50 Training Flags

  • Test Light Tool

  • Short and Long Contact Points for short or long-haired pets

  • Contact Point Wrench
  • Pet Safe Play and Stay Containment system:

    The Play and Stay containment system from PetSafe is a wireless fence that allows dog owners to set their dogs free outside without worrying about them running away, and is an excellent alternative to tethering your pet with a leash or chain. Unlike leashes and chains, the Play and Stay system helps you train your dog to stay within a specific boundary while he is wearing it via advanced static level controls.

    At Double U Hunting Supply, we offer the PetSafe Play and Stay wireless containment system at a special reduced price of $329.99, saving you $70 from the regular list price while offering you the best price around. You can order the product directly from our website; we accept payment via both credit/debit cards and PayPal.

    The Play and Stay is the latest wireless dog containment system available from PetSafe, and is an improvement on their previous model, the Instant Fence. Rated one of the best wireless containment systems available on the market, you can't go wrong with this advanced invisible fence. If you're in the market for a dog containment system, read on to find out if Pet Safe's Play + Stay is the right wireless fence system for you.

    How the Play and Stay Works

    The Play and Stay device's simplicity is one of the reasons why it is so effective. Unlike a leash or chain, which your dog views only as an obstacle to be escaped, this dog containment system works via a collar that you place around your dog's neck. The collar is equipped with small electrodes, and communicates with a wireless transmitter that you place in your house. The wireless transmitter sends a signal up to a specified distance, such as 50-feet. Your dog can safely move around anywhere within the transmission area, but cannot cross the invisible fence without receiving a static jolt.

    Not only is this containment system effective, but it allows your dog to have greater freedom while training him to stay within his barriers, instead of attempting to escape them. You dog will quickly learn where his boundaries lie via fifty flags that are included with the system, which you place into the ground at the edge of the invisible fence after turning on the collar and setting up the transmitter. These flags serve as a visual cue for your dog, and, along with the static jolt from the collar, will quickly train him on where he is and is not allowed.

    PetSafe's Play and Stay system is simple to use. Simply charge the collar with the included battery charger, which plugs into any standard outlet. Once the light turns green, the receiver is fully charged and ready to use, and will last up to three weeks before needing to be charged again. Attach the long electrodes to the collar if your dog has very thick or long hair, then press and hold the button located between the electrodes for five seconds in order to turn on the static.

    Repeat the above process again to increase the static strength, which will cause your dog to experience a stronger jolt if he leaves the invisible fence. You can repeat this process up to six times, with the sixth time being the most powerful setting. Once the static level is set, place the collar on your dog so that the metal electrodes touch the skin on the underside of his neck. The collar should be snug, but not tight, which could injure your pet or cause discomfort; you should be able to slip two fingers between your dog's neck and the collar. Adjust the collar's size as needed.

    Pet Safe Play and Stay Containment vs. Pet Set Instant Fence

    Before the Play and Stay containment system was released, PetSafe offered a different wireless containment system called the Instant Fence, which is still available via pet stores and online shops. The Instant Fence works in a similar fashion to the Play and Stay system, allowing a dog to roam within an area up to ½ an acre while wearing a static jolt collar. Visually, the two systems are quite similar; the Play and Stay has a black, rounded receiver and black transmitter, while the Instant Fence has a less-refined black receiver and gray transmitter. While similar in functionality and price, the Play and Stay system has several improvements over the Instant Fence model that we at Double U Hunting feel makes it the better choice, including:

    Smaller size. The Play and Stay system can be used with smaller dogs than the Instant Fence. While the Play and Stay is rated for dogs as small as 5lbs and a neck diameter of at least 6 inches, the Instant Fence requires the dog to weigh at least 8lbs.

    Better design. The Play and Stay system received a design upgrade from the previous Instant Fence version, and offers a smooth, rounded, ergonomic receiver that is more comfortable for your dog. In addition to the new design, the Play and Stay's collar is also lighter, causing less strain and pressure on your pet's neck. Finally, the Play and Stay receiver is 21% smaller and the transmitter is 68% smaller than the Instant Fence receiver and transmitter, making them easier to transport.

    The Play and Stay system is retroactive; its receiver is supported by the Instant Fence system's transmitter. The Instant Fence receiver collar, however, is not compatible with the Play and Stay system. For this reason, the Play and Stay system gives you more options, allowing you to contain your dog within other PetSafe wireless dog containment systems without bringing your own transmitter.

    Covers a larger area. The Play and Stay system is rated for a transmission coverage of 3/4 of an acre, while the Instant Fence system is only rated for ½ of an acre. This extra coverage area is convenient if you have a large yard or you want to take your dog with you camping, where there is more room to roam.

    Rechargeable battery. Unlike the previous Instant Fence, the PetSafe Play and Stay system has a rechargeable battery for the collar, which lasts up to three weeks before you have to charge it again. The receiver can be charged in 2 - 3 hours, allowing you to recharge it quickly or overnight.

    Power loss alarm: Unlike the Instant Fence transmitter, the Play and Stay system has a power loss alarm that alerts you when the power is diminishing at the transmitter, which could allow your dog to wonder away if not caught immediately.

    Use any collar: The Play and Stay receiver can be used with any dog collar that is 3/4 -inch wide, unlike the Instant Fence system, which does not have a pass-through receiver.

    PLAY and Stay FAQ

    Question: Will the Play and Stay system work on my dog?

    Answer: The Play and Stay containment system from Pet Safe works on all dogs that weigh at least 5lbs, and that have a neck diameter of at least 6 inches.

    Question: How large of an area does the Play and Stay invisible fence provide my dog?

    Answer: The Play and Stay system will transmit an invisible fence with a diameter up to 105-feet.

    Question: How does my dog know where he can and can't go?

    Answer: Initially, you will mark the edges of the invisible fence with small flags, which your dog will come to recognize as boundary markers that cannot be crossed. Over time, you can slowly remove the flags until none remain. Your dog will remember that he cannot cross that area without receiving a jolt.

    Question: How long can my dog wear the Play and Stay collar?

    Answer: Your pet can wear the collar for up to 12 hours, at which point it should be removed to prevent pressure sores and discomfort.

    Question: Can the Play and Stay wireless fence harm my dog?

    Answer: When used correctly, the Play and Stay system is perfectly safe to use with your pet. Be sure to read the manual included with the product, and to follow all of the instructions carefully.

    Question: I have more than one dog. Can I use multiple collars with the Play and Stay transmitter?

    Answer: Yes. You can use an unlimited amount of receiver collars with the Play and Stay system, making it an effective choice for anyone with two or more dogs.

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