Double U Trade-In Program


Trade-In Your Used Garmin Equipment

Are you ready to upgrade your tracking and training gear? Can’t wait for that new Alpha 300? We’ll we’ve got you covered! You can trade in your old Garmin devices to upgrade to the new Garmin gear you’ve been waiting for. Our Used Garmin Equipment Trade-In Program is designed to make this a smooth, hassle-free process. Whether your devices are in working condition or not, we’re here to help you make the switch to that new equipment!

Acceptable Trade-In Items

We’re accepting several models of Garmin handhelds and collars for our Trade-In Program. We are accepting the following handhelds and collars regardless of their condition, however; trade values will vary depending on condition.


  • Garmin Alpha 200/200i

  • Garmin Alpha 100

  • Garmin Astro 430

  • TT15X/T5X

  • TT15/TT15 Mini

  • T5/T5 Mini


We’re also accepting these models of Garmin handhelds and collars for our Trade-In Program as long as they are in

working condition:


  • Alpha 10

  • Astro 320

  • Astro 220

  • TT10

  • DC 50/40/30

  • PT/TB10

  • Drive Track 71/70

  • Garmin Transmitters/E-Collars


We do not accept telemetry (beep-beep) or older TriTronics collars.


Trade-in values provided by Double U Hunting Supply are estimates only. We strive to offer accurate estimate; upon arrival and inspection, certain conditions may lead to a reduction in the estimated value. ( dry rot, scuffing, bite marks, surface damage, paint markings, holes in rubber ,screen damage, charging port damage, skunked equipment, as well as missing parts or charging accessories are examples of reasons that may reduce value) Trade values are established on a one-to-one ratio for similar items. Any trade involving additional items beyond a one-to-one exchange, will be subject to a 20% reduction in trade value.

Double U Hunting Supply reserves the right to refuse any trade-in and may return items to their owner at our discretion.

If the customer decides not to proceed with the trade after the actual trade value has been determined, they will be responsible for covering the shipping cost to have their equipment returned to them.


Condition Guidelines

We understand that your gear endures various conditions in the field. When evaluating the trade-in value, we take several factors into account. Conditions below can affect the value of your used Garmin equipment:


  • Dry rot 

  • Often found on and between the rubber of TT15, TT15 Mini, T5, T5 Mini, and other Garmin collars. Dry rot causes splitting and cracking of the rubber near the battery housing and GPS locator, causing exposure of internal components. Any Garmin devices with dry rot will be considered “broken”.


  • Skunked equipment 

  • Any skunked or otherwise smelly equipment will immediately be disqualified for trade credit. Customers will be responsible for return shipping. Please clean your equipment before sending it to us!


  • Scuffing/ bite marks/surface damage

  • This kind of damage is very common, and most equipment will have some kind of damage. Minor scuffs, scratches, and bite marks will likely not affect trade credit, however any devices with damage that exposes internal components will be considered “broken”.


  • Rubber/holes in buttons

  • Rubber that is significantly worn off or buttons that have holes or missing rubber will automatically be classified as “broken”.


  • Paint/markings 

  • Small scratches or easily removable paint won’t significantly affect the value, however substantial paint damage or deep carvings that may affect internal components will influence the trade value and may be classified as “broken”.


  • Charging port damage 

  • Non-functioning charging ports or charging ports with damaged or bent pins will be considered “broken”.


  • Screen damage

  • Minor scratches and scuff marks likely won’t lower the trade price. Cracks, lines in screens, and dead pixels will classify the unit as “broken”.


  • Missing chargers

  • Any missing chargers will incur a $15 deduction per missing charger from the trade value of any equipment.


Trade-In Process

To begin, simply print and fill out our Trade-in form, and let us know which equipment you wish to trade in and the products you’re interested in purchasing. Include this form in the package when you ship it out.

To check current trade in values, click Here .  Please remember to include chargers for each piece of equipment.


  • Option 1 - Ship in your equipment along with the completed trade-in form. Once we receive and inspect your items, we will finalize the quote based on the aforementioned conditions and contact you with the quote as well to collect any payment due for the new equipment.


  • Option 2 - For a more seamless transition, start by making a purchase of your new Garmin equipment through our store. Then, ship out your used equipment and upon receiving it, we will inspect it and begin a refund of the finalized quote.




  • Please clean your equipment before sending it to us. Garmin collars with removed collar straps and cleaned can receive up to 5% bonus value.

  • Don’t forget to include a charger with each Garmin device.


Mail used Garmin equipment to:

DU Supply


1418 SE 14th Place

Building A Suite 140

Battle Ground, WA 98604


Thank you!