Tuff Skin Version 2.0 Colored Long Range Garmin Collar Antennas

Tuff Skin Version 2.0 Colored Long Range Garmin Collar Antennas

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Double U has worked directly with the manufacturer of Tuff Skin antennas in order to bring a new and improved dog tracking antenna onto the market. These antennas are rigid enough to get maximum transmission, while also remaining flexible to withstand time in the field. We offer a 2-year guarantee on all of our Tuff Skin dog tracking antennas.

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Orange - Full Size 22.5" Antenna
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Red- Full Size 22.5" Antenna
Pink - Full Size 22.5" Antenna
Yellow - Full Size 22.5" Antenna
Green - Full Size 22.5" Antenna
Blue - Full Size 22.5" Antenna
White - Full Size 22.5" Antenna
Purple - Full Size 22.5" Antenna
Black - Full Size 22.5" Antenna
Gray/Glow Green - Full Size 22.5" Antenna

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Tuff Skin Antennas

Garmin GPS Collar Antenna Details

At Double U, we're passionate about our customers, and we're committed to offering only the best products that stand the test of time. That's why we carry a range of high-quality dog tracking antennas for Garmin TT15X, Garmin TT15, and other Garmin tracking collar antennas. We want you to spend more time doing what you love - hunting - and less time worrying about gear.

Our Tuff Skin antennas have been tested extensively by our staff to ensure they're the best on the market. In the past, we've received reports of the Tuff Skin antenna snapping due to stiffness, but we've worked hard to find a solution. Today, we offer a truly superior dog tracking antenna that holds its rigidness and doesn't snap from excessive flexing back and forth.

Our Tuff Skin dog tracking antenna is both sturdy and flexible, making it easy to slide through the brush and briars while maintaining its original form. With marine-grade stainless steel cable and an innovative coating that's resistant to cuts and breaking, our antennas are built to last. And with our stronger crimps, the eyelets won't pull out.

To ensure that our customers know they're purchasing the best dog tracking antenna on the market, we offer a full 2-year guarantee against any physical breakage. Although the guarantee doesn't cover damage caused by chewing, it does cover any breakage in the cable or eyelet. We'll replace your antenna for only the $5 shipping fee.

Our Tuff Skin antenna fits all Garmin tracking collars, including the Garmin TT15X and Garmin TT15, and is available in both full-sized (approximately 22 inches) and mini (approximately 18 inches) sizes. And now, our new Tuff Skin 2.0 antennas are available in a variety of bright colors, including orange, green, blue, yellow, pink, white, and red, making them even more visible in the field. Every antenna comes with a protective coating and is capped on the end.

With a Tuff Skin antenna on your dog tracking collar, you can hunt with confidence. It's not only the best antenna on the market, but it's also backed by the DU Team. Get your Tuff Skin dog tracking antenna today and take your hunting game to the next level!


Our Tuff Skin antennas are designed to fit all Garmin Tracking Collars, including the following models:

  • Garmin DC 30
  • Garmin DC 40
  • Garmin DC 50
  • Garmin T5
  • Garmin TT 10
  • Garmin TT 15
  • Garmin T 5 Mini
  • Garmin TT 15 Mini

Please note that our antennas may also fit other tracking collar models with a similar connection size and shape to the Garmin Tracking Collars.



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