Hound Hunting Supplies

Hounds are commonly used as hunting dogs; they have a great ability to find and track prey. With their keen sense of smell and sharp sight, they make an ideal hunting companion. Different breeds of hound dogs have different personalities and capabilities; not all breeds may be suitable for hunting. Different countries and individuals use different breeds of dogs for hunting, common breeds of dogs used for hunting include Coonhounds, retrievers, pointers and setters. Beagles are hounds that are extremely useful in hunting as they have a sharp sense of smell, better than any other breed. Retriever dogs are gifted at retrieving game and bringing it back to the hunter. Pointer dogs originated in England and they are skilled at pointing out rabbits, hares and birds to the hunter. Setters are especially bred to help hunters find and retrieve game. When setters spots their prey they will stand still to let the hunter know where the game is rather than chase after it.

Some of the most common breeds of hounds used as hunting companions by hunters are coonhounds and foxhounds. Coonhounds are scent hounds which are capable and efficient at withstanding harsh weather and making their way through rough patches of land.  Coonhounds are extremely friendly Dog and are wonderful pets as well as hunters. They are a great choice to aid hunters in hunting big game like Raccon, Rabbit, bear, hog, deer and even mountain lions or cougars. Coonhound commonly known as tree hounds, are extremely fast, sharp, and eager to hunt. They chase small prey until they are treed and then they wait for the hunter to arrive. Majestic tree hounds are a relatively new breed of hunting hounds, they are a mix between a coonhound and bloodhound. Foxhounds are also scent hounds, which are skilled at finding prey that tend to hide near the ground. They are bred to hunt foxes. Foxhounds have great stamina and love to run making them ideal for long hunting trips.

Learning about which breed of hound is the most suitable to take hunting with you beforehand is very important, as is getting the right hunting supplies. It is also essential to get the right tools to train your dog before hunting. Useful hunting supplies for hunting and training with hound dogs include: dog collars, tracking collars, E-collars, Garmin Astro Systems, and GPS tracking collars. Tracking collars and GPS tracking collars are essential for pinpointing exactly where your hound is. Garmin Astro Systems are excellent equipment used track your hound, and you can use E-collars to train your hound before hunting. It is important to find a reputable supplier like Double U hunting Supply, which has quality products, reasonable prices and great customer service.

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