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  1. How to Pick a Beagle Puppy

    How to Pick a Beagle Puppy
    Beagles and rabbit hunting are one of America’s favorite pastimes—only slightly behind baseball and hot dogs. Rabbit hunting continues to be a popular family tradition and a gateway for youth and newcomers to enter the hunting and hound communities. It only takes one round of beagles baying on a hot track breaking the stillness of a crisp fall morning for...
  2. You’re Getting Your First Gun Dog, Now What?

    You’re Getting Your First Gun Dog, Now What?
    Purchasing a furry, four-legged hunting companion is one of the most fun things to do when it comes to hunting, no matter what it is to be used for. I am yet to meet a person that doesn’t get excited and full of joy when puppies are around and if I ever do I will know that I am in...
  3. Chelsea Hansler Bio

    Chelsea Hansler Bio
    There’s not a lot I can tell you about myself and my family without it involving our hounds. Our life has slowly evolved and shaped itself around them, directly involving them in everything that we do. My husband can be found in the woods just about every day of the year and the kids and I tag along as often...
  4. Bio Bear Siragusa

    Bio Bear Siragusa
    Barry "Bear" Siragusa hales from the great state of Maine. Although raised in a non-hunting household, Bear had an early passion for dogs. At the age of ten he became interested in sled dogs and by the age of twelve had his own team. Bear guided dog sledding tours, canoe trips and backpacking trips in Maine, and glacial dog mushing...
  5. Jacob Shipley Biography

    Jacob Shipley Biography
    My name is Jacob Shipley. I am the founder and owner of Full Flight Kennels out of Denmark, SC. We breed German Shorthaired Pointers, train all breeds of dogs for various things, and we offer guided quail hunts for all walks of life. Growing up I was a part of my highschool’s FFA Chapter and that was about the extent...
  6. Chris Ingram Biography

    Chris Ingram Biography
    Chris Ingram is a hunter, gun dog enthusiast, and outdoor photojournalist living in Vermont with his wife Danielle, where life is focused on chasing game and following hunting dogs. His motivations are rooted in sharing information and opportunity, promoting kinship, and creating inspiring content in the sporting and conservation communities. He has worked professionally in the outdoor media industry for...
  7. Ever had Parvo at your place? We've got some prevention tips from the expert!

    Ever had Parvo at your place? We've got some prevention tips from the expert!
    You come home excited about your new puppy and you can't wait to take it to town + show all of your friends. I get it. Their wrinkly face, floppy ears, and mini size are to die for, but I'd think twice about letting the new family member roam the town with you until it has had ALL of its...
  8. Battery Life and the Alpha 200i

    Battery Life and the Alpha 200i
    Can Garmin improve Battery life in the Alpha 200i? As with anything it is possible to put a larger battery in the device. Just think about carrying around a truck battery with you in the woods, heck you might get your alpha to last a month or two with the right one. One of the first questions asked in a...
  9. David Hoff Biography

    David Hoff Biography
    David here wanting to introduce myself to the Double U team. Growing up along the western slope of the Rockies in a small-town Colorado community, my dad mentored me into a lifestyle with dogs a part of our every day, living hand in paw. He has made his living training bird dogs by preference and every day pets by necessity...
  10. Justin Hulet Biography

    Justin Hulet Biography
    I was born and raised in Southern Utah and intend to live here for the rest of my life.  I grew up on a farm/ranching operation and as far back as I can remember I have had chores and responsibilities on the farm.   I got my first hounds when I was 13 years old.  They were free, and absolutely worthless...

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