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Hunting GPS Dog Tracking Collars & Systems | Double U Hunting Supply


A dog tracker is particularly helpful when your dog runs loose or while hunting. This is especially true for all working dogs, who can quickly get outside of hearing range.

Whether you are working with gun dogs, hounds, or a family pet, with the right GPS dog collar, you’ll know exactly where your dog is while in the field. Having the right tracking collar gives you the tool you need to keep your dog safe in any situation.

If you spend time outdoors, a dog tracking collar from Double U is a perfect investment for your household pet. Microchip identification for dogs is helpful, but it only works when someone finds your dog and brings him to a veterinarian or animal shelter for scanning. With a GPS tracking system, you can see where your dog is in real time and safely find him.

Our GPS dog collar means that you always know where your dog is. We even have customers that use these systems at home in case their dogs get out of the yard. Shop below to see all the different collars available from Garmin, SportDOG, or Dogtra, or ask us for a recommendation. We use our own products and are happy to help.

Garmin Alpha Track & Train Garmin Astro Dog Tracking Hunting Maps for GPS

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Double U is the #1 source for Garmin Hound Hunting GPS and Training Equipment. Whether you hunt Bear, Bobcat, Cougar, Hogs, Rabbit, or Foxes, Double U has the Garmin Tri Tronics products that are right for you.

Double U is a Garmin authorized dealer, if you don't see what you looking for give us a call.