Garmin® T5X Tracking Collar (T5)

Garmin® T5X Tracking Collar (T5)

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Featuring a top-mount and high-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS receiver, the T 5x tracking collar is the ideal collar for hunting dogs.

Garmin® T5x Tracking Collar can be used with the Alpha 300i, Alpha 300, Alpha 200, Alpha 200i, Alpha 100, Alpha 10 and Pro 550 Plus handhelds. 

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Garmin T5X Full Size Tracking Collar
Garmin® T5X Tracking Collar (T5)

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    Quick Overview


    Compatible Devices: T5x_handhelds

    • Alpha 200i
    • Alpha 200
    • Alpha 100
    • Alpha 10
    • Astro 430
    • Pro 550+

    What’s new with the Garmin T5X?

    • Increased battery life
    • Sleep Mode
    • USB Mode

    Key Features of the Garmin T5X Tracking GPS Collar

    • Remotely operated LED beacon lights
    • Alpha T5X collar has GLONASS which doubles the available satellites to help triangulate the GPS position of the dog.
    • Top mounted, highly sensitive GPS receiver
    • Comes with both standard as well as long-range, stainless-steel braid VHF antennas.
    • Tool-less design makes for fast, easy change of collar strap without the need for tools.
    • Waterproof up to 10 meters.


    What’s new with the Garmin T5X?

    TT15X_BatteryTestT5X Batteries and Battery Life Greatly Increased:

    Garmin claims the T5X Track and Train collar can expect 80 hours of continual run time. However, in our experience we are routinely getting up to five days (120 hours) with 5 & 10 second update rates on our T5X during testing. If you choose to use it, rescue mode will increase the run time of your T5X. Every minute counts when searching for a lost dog. Rescue Mode is a benefit to those who find themselves in this predicament. Unfortunately, we were not able to assess the rescue mode battery life because of the already spectacular battery life of the Garmin T5X Track and Train collar, and not enough collars to dedicate one to such a lengthy test


    Sleep mode on the Garmin T5X Tracking collars: T5X_sleepmode

    A new feature of the Garmin T5X collar is sleep mode. Sleep mode allows the user to put the collar to sleep, conserving battery while there is not a need to track the collar. A user can activate sleep mode remotely on a compatible handheld at any tracking distance, similar to the T5 Mini collars.

    Note: Sleep mode is not available on the Garmin T5 collar, it is only available on the T5X collar.


    USB Mode with the T5X (Mac Updatable):

    The T5X, unlike the T5 collar, goes into USB Mass Storage Mode when plugged in to a computer. The original T5 collars were not able to be update via Apple or Mac computer, however with USB mode you are able to update the software with an Apple or Mac computer.

    Note: USB mode is not available on the Garmin T5 collar, it is only available on the T5 X collar. You cannot update a Garmin T5 collar with a Mac or Apple computer.


    Device Compatibility:

    The Garmin T5X is compatible with the Alpha 200i, Alpha 200, Alpha 10, or Alpha 100, Astro 430 simultaneously. To track the T5X, be sure to update your Alpha 200i, Alpha 200, Alpha 10, Astro 430, or Alpha 100 software for best performance. To update your device, start by downloading and running Garmin Web Updater or Garmin Express. Click here to learn how to update your software.


    ANT Pairing Capabilities:

    The Garmin TT15X and T5X collars pair via ANT+ to an updates Alpha 200i/200 and Alpha 10. Ant is a type of wireless communication that allows certain devices to communicate with each other. The newest 5.0 software on the Alpha 200i and Alpha pairs the TT15X and T5X collars via ANT instead of over radio. Why? Here are a couple benefits of this new feature:

        • Pairing over ANT allows the user to check the software version of the collar with their handheld on the TT15X and T5X.
        • Another small feature of the TT15X and T5X collar is that the dog’s name will now be stored in the collar, so any updated Alpha 200i or 200 pairing to a X series collar via ANT will automatically suggest the dog’s name to your system when pairing with an ANT enabled device

    Note: ANT pairing is not available on the Garmin T5 collar, it is only available on the T5X collar.


    Frequently Asked Questions about the Garmin Alpha T5X GPS Tracking Collars

    Q: Can you purchase an “Astro 430 Combo” with the T5X collar?

    A: The Garmin T5X collar is not available in any combo from Garmin. You can purchase the Garmin T5X separately and pair it with the Alpha 200i, Alpha 200, Alpha 100, Alpha 10, Astro 430, or Pro 550+.


    Q: Is the Garmin T5X and TT15X compatible with the Astro 320?

    A: No, the Garmin T5X or TT15X is not compatible with the Astro 320. Users will need to get an Alpha 200i, Alpha 200, Alpha 100, Alpha 10, Astro 430, or Pro 550+ to use the T5X or TT15X collar.


    Q: What are the update rates when using the Garmin T5 X collar?

    A: When using the T5X with the Alpha 200i, Alpha 200, Alpha 10, Astro 430, or Alpha 100 you can choose update rates between 2.5, 5, 10, 30, 120 seconds.

    When the T5X is paired to the Alpha 200i, Alpha 200, Alpha 10, Astro 430, or Alpha 100, a track code is automatically assigned to your device. To view the track codes, visit your dog info screen.

    Track Code: If you would like to allow your friends to only track your dogs, without the ability to correct or change the settings, you can simply give them your 6-digit “Track Code”. This allows the user to only track your Garmin Alpha T5X collar. The user will not have the ability to use any training features or change any settings on the Garmin Alpha T5X collar.


    Key Features of the Garmin T5X & T5 Tracking GPS Collar:

    Tracking with the Garmin T5X & T5 collar:

    The high-sensitivity, top-mounted GPS receiver is enabled to receive signals from GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) satellites. This adds 21 more satellites that your collar can receive signals from. This in addition to the 28 satellites currently in the GPS system brings the total number of satellites to 49. Receiving signals from 49 earth orbiting satellite signals helps minimize lost GPS location while hunting in heavy cover or deep canyons.


    Rescue Mode with the T5X & T5 collar:

    Rescue mode is an invaluable feature that has become a staple with Garmin GPS Dog tracking collars. When activated and the battery on the T5X drains below 75% of its full charge, the rescue mode automatically changes the update rate from its preselected update rate to 120 second (2 min). This allows for additional hours of battery life to help safely retrieve your valued dog. You can also turn this mode off if you wish not to use it.


    VHF Antenna with the T5X & T5 collar:

    The Garmin T5X used the same antenna as the Garmin T5 and TT10 collars and comes with a durable and flexible stainless steel cable antenna. T5X comes with both 18.5” and 22.5”, with the 22.5” coming pre-installed on the T5X from the Garmin factory.


    Fast Collar-Strap Changes with the T5X & T5 collar:

    Modeled after the Garmin Alpha T5, TT10, and TT5, collar straps on the T5X easily slide right through the channels on the T5X battery box. This makes swapping the collar strap easier than ever. All universal 1-inch D-ring straps will fit the T5X Dog Tracking collar. Pick from any one of the 27 different colors provided exclusively from Double U Hunting Supply. Check out our selection of replacement straps here.


    Charging Port with the T5X & T5 collar:

    The new Garmin Alpha T5X collar will have the same charger as the T5 collar, which means you can go ahead and keep all those chargers you already have and use them. The USB interfaced charging port allows three different charging options: AC outlet, a vehicle charging port and USB port on a computer. To update the T5X, attach the charging clip, plug your T5X into your computer, and run Garmin Web Updater.


    Adjustable Dog Type with the T5X & T5 collar:

    Using the updated an Alpha 200i, Alpha 200, Alpha 10, Astro 430, or Alpha 100, you can change each of your individual dog’s status to best reflect what they are doing. Your options are 1) Pointing 2) Treeing 3) Auto and 4) None. This lets your Alpha or Astro know that when your dog is idle, he or she could be on point or have game treed.


    Power Button Placement with the T5X & T5 collar: 

    Having the power button placed on the bottom of the collar box keeps your device safe from being shut off by other collars or by brush. It will also help keep it from getting damaged like we see so often on DC30s and DC40s. The damage to the DC30 and DC40s sometimes allows moisture to enter in the battery box resulting in unrepairable damage. 


    Antenna Protection Sleeve with the T5X & T5 collar:

    With the T5X, and just like the Garmin T5 and T5, you’ll never have to use zip ties or tape to secure an antenna again. The new T5X comes with a thick, durable easy to clean rubber cover sleeve that keeps the VHF antenna erect and receiving communication signals.


    Private PIN Lock (only available on the Garmin T5, NOT T5X):

    While linked to an Astro 320, users can choose a 4-digit code for each T 5 tracking collar. This code must be entered before someone else can track that T 5 collar. It may not seem crucial during a normal day to day hunt but could prove priceless while competition hunting, hunting with or around large hunting groups or in the presence of someone with ill intent. When linked to the Alpha 100 it utilizes the same track and train code feature as the TT10.


    What’s in the Box for the Garmin T5X & T5?

    • T5X transmitter with a 22.5" long range antenna attached to a 1” strap
    • 5" standard antenna
    • AC adapter
    • Vehicle charging adapter
    • Charging cable
    • Quick start manual


    Garmin T5X & T5 Unit Dimensions and Specifications

    • Unit dimensions: (WxHxD): 3.5 x 1.75 x 1.85" (8.9 x 4.4 x 4.7 cm)
    • Weight: 7.3 oz (207.0 g) for transmitter and antenna (without collar); 10.0 oz (284.0 g) total weight (with collar)
    • Battery life: 80 hours
    • Battery type: rechargeable lithium-ion pack (included)
    • Interface: USB
    • Water rating: 1 ATM (10 meters)
    • Replaceable collar straps: Yes, compatible w/ 1” (2.54 cm)


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