Every purchase of a Double U Clothing Item Between 5/24 - 9/6 2021 will enter you in a chance at our Give away for your choice between a Canadian Lynx Hunt, or Canadian Black Bear hunt. You can choose to Bring your dogs, or not!

How can you win?, You just need to get some Double U apparel via our website www.dusupply.com. All clothing items will have 1 chance per item purchased. Every clothing on our website will be eligible... We are even counting Free Shirts used as a Free Gift with larger purchases. Basically if you can get the clothing item in your cart and through the check out process you are entered!

1 Grand Prize Winner will get a choice between

  1. 2021 Guided BC  Lynx Hunt in the Fall/Winter of 2021
  2. 2022 Guided BC Spring Black bear hunt.

We expect the border will open in time for this hunt,  However If the Border doesn’t open, We'll re-scheduled your hunt for the next available spot after the border opens.

Can you Bring your Dogs?? If you are selected as a winner,  you can decide if you want to bring your own dogs or just show up and enjoy a fully guided hunt the choice is yours.   (See details below)

Pretty simple, and Straight forward.. If your the selected winner we will pay for you to go on a hunt. Here are a few details about the hunt.

While we expect the success rates for harvest opportunity to be high for these hunts, These are not a guaranteed harvest hunts. These hunts will be done by Itcha Mountain Outfitters in British Columbia Canada.   So you must be legally allowed to enter Canada and hunt in BC to accept the prize.

  1. We will cover all tags, Guides and any trophy Fee’s and lodging and meals for your selected hunt.
  2. Travel is not included. You will be responsible For Travel to and from British Columbia, and any costs for transporting the animal back into the US and any taxidermy.
  3. Please NOTE:  If you decide to Bring your own dogs for the hunt it is recommended that they will need to be able to run and hunt by themselves.  Please don't expect to turn your dogs in with the Guides dogs. This can be discussed with your Guide.
  4. If you select the Lynx Hunt option, and you want to Join the Owner of Double U, you will have the option to arrange dates and align with Buddy’s Hunt for Lynx.  If you bring Dogs with you, you will be provided a separate Guide to hunt during the day with.
  5. You’ll need to work with Itcha Mountain Outfitters to find an open data in the 2021 Season for Lynx, or 2022 Season for Bear.

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Each Item of Clothing obtained on Dusupply.com   Shirt/ Sweatshirt/ Hat will be entered for a Chance to win.

** If you are a Guide or Outfitter that wants to contribute to the Prizes or create your own promotion Give us a Call.