Garmin Alpha TT15/T5 Collar Product Support Page.

Garmin Alpha TT15/T5 collar Product Support Page and Technical Help Pages.

  1. How to: Perform a Master Reset the TT10, TT15/T5 and Mini Collars

    This master reset should work for the following Garmin GPS Collars: TT10 TT15 T5 TT15 Mini T5 Mini If the Garmin GPS collar collar is failing to operate as expected, corrupt data may be the cause. Performing a master reset will reset the collar to factory settings and clear data resolving issues caused by corrupt data. To perform a master...
  2. Updating the TT10,TT15, T5 Collar Now Gives a Weird Beep (Ringing Sound)

    Have you updated your TT10,TT15 or T5 collar and are now having problems getting it to work? Does it give off a Ringing sound or Different Beep. Most of the time this is caused when you updated the collar with a MAC computer. To fix your Alpha (TT10,TT15,T5) collar find a PC computer and go through and re install the...

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